The Anatomy of Japanese Mega Monsters

Wow, their brains are small. It all makes sense now - all they want to do is eat shit and kill their competitors.


Anyone want to translate the, what I'm assuming, is Japanese for me?

-Via Neatorama-

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Let's see (from mouth to end, up to down-ish):

shokkaku = feeler
takumashii ago = strong jaw
shokkaku = feeler

me = eye
noushinkeisetsu = cerebrovisceral (Google's translation)

ago wo ugokasu kin'niku = muscle that moves jaw
shokudou = esophagus
shikan = string/web duct (?don't know the English term?)

mae ashi = front legs
shinkeisetsu = ganglion/ganglia

shinzou = heart
kyodai na i = gigantic stomach

seishibukuro = sac for making webbing (?don't know the English term?)
senmou = cilia/cilium, fine hairs
ushiro ashi = back legs

kimon = spiracle (respiratory pores)

koumon = anus

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Oh, and the monster is the larva of Mothra.

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