OMG! 'The' inattentional blindness video is FINALLY available on youtube

In an amazing turn of events the most famous video of all time not on youtube is now on youtube... omg! omg! haha...

Follow the instructions if you actually haven't seen this before (which I would be surprised if you have not).

oh and look... Dan and Chris have a blog!

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I still like the one on an actual basketball court better.

By Benjamin Franz (not verified) on 16 Mar 2010 #permalink

It should have been titled differently, titling it "Selective Attention Test" makes you kind of expect something odd to look for.

By Sammy Albo (not verified) on 16 Mar 2010 #permalink

Ok, count the passes. One, two, ..., eight, nine, holy crap, there's a gorilla, ten, eleven, twelve passes.

"There were 15 passes". Doh!

I'm guessing the point of the video was not to demonstrate that gorillas interfere with counting?