Call for science submissions


This coming week will be a great one for science carnivals. First up is the Circus of the Spineless which will appear on Pharyngula on Sunday—if you've written anything about invertebrates in the past month, send the link to by Saturday evening.

The Tangled Bank

The second big event is the next edition of the Tangled Bank, scheduled for Wednesday, 1 February, at Adventures in Ethics and Science. Send links to any science writing to,, or by next Tuesday.

Hey…and if you written something about the science of invertebrates, send the link to both!

One last thing…the schedule of future Tangled Bank hosts has been updated with an influx of new volunteers. We've got stuff lined up through July; check the list below if you volunteered to see when your turn is coming up. And if you aren't there and you want to be, send a note to and I'll add you to the list.

1 Feb 2006 Adventures in Ethics and Science
15 Feb 2006 Kete Were
1 Mar 2006 Aetiology
15 Mar 2006 Living the Scientific Life
29 Mar 2006 The Island of Doubt
12 Apr 2006 Discovering biology in a digital world
26 Apr 2006 The Inoculated Mind
10 May 2006 Science Notes
24 May 2006 Science and Politics
7 Jun 2006 Get Busy Livin', or Get Busy Bloggin'
21 Jun 2006 Centrerion
5 Jul 2006 Information Overload
19 Jul 2006 Hairy Museum of Natural History

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Can we include stories about the Democrats if they don't filibuster?

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