Next Encephalon: All Your Entries Are Belong to Me

Submit your neuro-bloggy treats to me ( by Sept 10th (9pm) for the next issue of the brain-based carnival Encephalon.

Submission guidelines can be found here.

Check out past issue of the Encephalon:
3rd July, 2006 - The Neurophilosopher's blog
17th July, 2006 - Pure Pedantry
31st July, 2006 - Thinking Meat
14th August, 2006 - The Neurocritic
28th August, 2006 - Developing Intelligence


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Yes, there are two neurocarnivals. They occur on alternate weeks. So, if you have written something this past week, send your entry to the Encephalon which will be posted on Neurophilosopher's blog on 3rd July, 2006. Posts you write afterwards, during next week (or, if you really, really, really…