Where will I be today?

This afternoon, I'll be at the Bell Museum at the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities campus, celebrating the birth of Charles Darwin. Everyone is welcome, so come on down!


1:00P - Lecture by historian of biology Professor Mark Borrello, Department of Ecology, Evolution and Behavior, on the history of Darwin and evolutionary theory.

2:00P - Lecture by biologist and blogger Professor P.Z. Myers, University of Minnesota—Morris, on evidence for evolution.

3:00P - Panel discussion of University of Minnesota evolutionary biologists on their cutting-edge research at the U of M titled "My Life's Work in Three Minutes". To be followed by a cake reception.

Charles Darwin achieved fame and infamy for his theory of evolution by natural selection, now the foundation underlying all biological sciences. Darwin Day is the anniversary of his birthday, whose exact date is February 12, 1809. The date is celebrated internationally.

For more information, contact:

Mike Jones

Publishing and Editing Committee Manager

Campus Atheists and Secular Humanists

Bell Museum of Natural History (Directions|Google Map)

Mmmmm-mmm. Cake. You can't possibly miss this.

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The Bell Museum in Minneapolis is pulling out all the stops in the month of February, celebrating Darwin's birth month with an orgy of science and sex. I'm going to be there for the events on the 13th and 15th, and I'm really tempted by the talk on the 20th—I'll have to see if I can get away for…
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Random Quote wrote:

"[C. Lee Hubbell, The American Rationalist, Oct '94] ��� "The primary tool of science is skepticism, whose light shrivels unquestioning faith."

Darwinists and neo-darwinists take note.

Today is the high holy day for the Evolutionary religion. Woo-Hoo!!! Lectures and discussions by the high priests is nothing more than Paganism and is such great fun. Sorry but I can't attend because they wouldn't let me on the plane with my ritual goat's head and I'm very sad to miss this year's worship of Darwin the Messiah. :-)

Give 'em hell at your lecture PZ!

By Sweettp2063 (not verified) on 10 Feb 2006 #permalink

Justice denied

An atheist who sued a small-town priest for saying that Jesus Christ existed has had his case thrown out of court.
The judge said Luigi Cascioli should himself face charges for slandering Father Enrico Righi.
But Mr Cascioli said his opponent would have a hard time trying to demonstrate that he had committed slander since this would mean proving that Jesus Christ existed.
"They don't have any proof," he said.

By Bayesian Bouff… (not verified) on 10 Feb 2006 #permalink

We need more poetry about science. Does anyone know any about Darwin? I tried my hand at it - feel free to laugh:

Praise him, O Muse; that child of the Earth
who loved the Earth and so divined its heart
by seeking out life where life was pure;
Praise he who, patient, earnest traveller,
psychologist of living species, saw
that inevitable and luscious Drift
towards the transmutation of those forms
into those of today: that sweet device
by which Life's stream is probed and rendered bare;
He walks still in the islands where he learned.
We share the blessing which his questing earned.

Any chance of a transcript for that speech being put up? I can't possibly make it to the cake/speech.

By cosmicwombat (not verified) on 10 Feb 2006 #permalink

Alas, a 481 mi. drive is a little bit far to go for cake, and even if I set off immediately upon your posting, it would have all been over when I arrived.

So for the rest of us in inconvenient spots around the globe, let us know how it went please. :-)

Aw, I would've loved to go but I didn't get out of school today until 2PM. :/

i'm sure since Mike Jones (who? Mike Jones!) was organizing the affair he must've been working on some poetry.. yours would work but you are going to have to repeat the last couplet 3 more times.. we could get a screwed and chopped version out and keep Chuck D hot in the streets.. know whu'm talkin bout?


Thanks for the link to C.A.S.H. One question: if these guys are really about promoting freedom _from_ religion and true secular humanism, what are they doing promoting Scientology in their Library section?


Cripes, the blurb on the cover of the book is creepier than any old-earth creationist/ID tract I've ever run across, including the "Wedge" document.

By Anonymous (not verified) on 11 Feb 2006 #permalink

Ick. I hope they aren't endorsing scientology...but I notice they've also got crap from Jobe Martin and Philip Johnson in their library.

A closer look at this dubious library shows things like "Eckankar" and "Crystal Power".

Is this, perhaps, an ironic library? What does Steve Allen have to do with secular humanism?

By Anonymous (not verified) on 11 Feb 2006 #permalink

What does Steve Allen have to do with secular humanism?

Steve Allen was a chairman of both CSICOP and the Council for Secular Humanism, so that part of it is legitimate. I can't speak about the crystal healing garbage, though.