Help Richard Dawkins Choose the Year's Best Science Post

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The Quark Award is now down to the last few days for general voting. One of the top twenty posts that you vote for will then go to Richard Dawkins to judge as the best science post of the year. My piece Chimpanzees Prefer Fair Play to Reaping an Unjust Reward has been nominated as have posts by my friends Ed Yong, Zinjanthropus, Razib, David Dobbs, Scicurious, Carl Zimmer, Christie Wilcox, PZ, Christina Agapakis, and Jason Goldman among many more.

Please click on this link and cast your vote. Today and Monday are the last days to vote and the top selections will be posted on June 8th.

Update: Thanks to my readers and the judges at Three Quarks Daily my post has been selected as one of the finalists. Richard Dawkins will select the top three winning entries which will be announced June 21st. I wish the best of luck to my fellow co-finalists and my heartfelt gratitude goes out to everyone who voted for me.


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