Happy New Year

The lunar new year on Janurary 29, 2006 marks the beginning of the Year of the Dog in the Chinese system. We are pleased to present New Year's Greetings from Her Majesty, Emmy, Queen of Niskayuna:


Bow before Emmy! Bow before Emmy NOOOOWWWWWW!!!!

Or, failing that, at least rub her belly:



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In honor of Halloween tomorrow, a menacing picture of Emmy, Queen of Niskayuna: Caption: "Don't even think about trying to take my Kong."
I'm still in the late stages of an awful cold, but shook it off a bit to write a new conversation with Emmy, the Queen of Niskayuna over at Forbes: “HEY! YOU POODLES! STAY OFFA MY LAWN!” “Emmy! Stop barking!” I sit up. She’s at the gap between the fences, where she can see into the front yard. “…
It's been a couple of years since we lost the Queen of Niskayuna, and we've held off getting a dog until now because we were planning a big home renovation-- adding on to the mud room, creating a new bedroom on the second floor, and gutting and replacing the kitchen. This was quite the undertaking…
SteelyKid's taekwondo competition was the most time-consuming event of yesterday, but not the most stressful. Before we went down to Duanesburg for the tournament, Emmy gave us a bit of a scare. Emmy is not by any stretch a young dog-- she was a year old when we got her in 2003, so she's 13-- but…

Niskayuna, as in Niskayuna, NY? Can it be so?

I bow before the queen. Sorry for the double post. Trigger finger...

No time for Emmy, got three bellies of my own to rub when I get home. Blasted canine oppressors!