Emmy: Distinguished Alumna

On this morning's walk, a woman stopped me and Emmy to say that she recognized us from a picture. Emmy was adopted from the Mohawk and Hudson River Humane Society shelter back in 2003, and when they heard about How to Teach Physics to Your Dog, they contacted me about writing Emmy up as a distinguished alumna. And, in fact, there's a piece in their print newsletter, including a picture of the two of us sitting by the couch (page 8 of the PDF newsletter for February 2010).

Emmy, of course, regards this as no more than her due. She's hoping to be invited to give a commencement address at some point, but no offers yet.

In other book publicity news, a Binghamton tv station did a story about the book after Friday's signing. The text at that link is what ran over the video they shot, with one quote from me. When I played it off my parents' DVR the next morning, and my picture popped up on the screen, SteelyKid pointed right at it and yelled "Daddy!" That was the best part of the whole deal.

A week or so ago, I had also heard that a piece about the book was going to be in a Finnish magazine, but as I'm not in Finland, and don't read Finnish, I don't know if it has. If you know, please let me know, and if possible point me to whatever they published.

But, really, the important thing is Emmy's profile story.


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I'm in Finland... I'll keep my eye out for the magazine and if I find it I'll grab a copy and mail it to you. If you want.

By murtle turtle (not verified) on 10 Mar 2010 #permalink

How to teach physics to your dog warns against Evil Squirrels, who use Quantum verbiage to promote "free energy", spiritual healing etc. In fact, these people are brilliant. They have demonstrably and reproducibly achieved the old goal of alchemists, transmuting trash into Gold, (cold cash)! I wish I had that talent.