Manual Links for 3-28-08

There are fewer of them this time, so I'll keep them above the fold.

  • Graphene
    makes for better optical displays -
    "According to the same group of
    researchers that first fabricated the 2D sheets of carbon nearly four
    years ago, graphene has the ideal optical properties to form the
    transparent electrodes in liquid crystal displays (LCDs)."
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  • Is
    graphene the new silicon?
    "Research results from University of
    Maryland physicists show that graphene, a new material that combines
    aspects of semiconductors and metals, could be a leading candidate to
    replace silicon in applications ranging from high-speed computer chips
    to bioch
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  • Silicon
    chips for optical quantum technologies
    "The team were able to fabricate their
    controlled-NOT gate from silica wave-guides on a silicon chip,
    resulting in a miniaturised device and high-performance
    (tags: href="">physics href="">quantum href="">computing href="">science href="">experiment href="">news)
  • Cooperative
    classrooms lead to better friendships, higher achievement in young
    "The findings suggest that when
    teachers structured their classrooms more cooperatively, students felt
    more support and connection with their peers, had better success on
    academic tests and tasks, and sustained higher levels of achievement
    because of the
    (tags: href="">education href="">psychology href="">social-science href="">academia href="">news href="">science)
  • Man
    tells police 'I've been raped by a wombat' - 27 Mar 2008 - NZ Herald:
    New Zealand National news
    "Police prosecutor Sergeant Chris
    Stringer told the court alcohol played a large role in Cradock's
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Cut the crap with graphene,

1) Graphene with length and width specs at will, 10^15 sheets at a whack, arises from plebeian chemistry,…

2) Gold trace circuitry is easy - etch, e-beam, ion mill, lithography, offset electroless plating...

3) Terminate (1) with (revealable) thiols or other aurophilic moieties, then soak (2). Nano-transistors build themselves, five billion gates/CPU within minutes, for a hundred 20 nm architecture quad-core CPUs on a 30 cm diameter silicon production wafer.

Stop trying to do it and do it. Hire a chemist, solve the problem, then fire the chemist and reward your managers. Bloody stop whining.