Fitness Requires Challenge

Depending on what you read at ScienceBlogs other than this blog, you may have noticed a New Year's fitness theme. Blame Ethan. So, now, everybody's posting workout tips and the like.

Which means, of course, that I'm obliged to post my Fitness Secrets here for free, when I could be charging money for them to build a college fund for SteelyKid. Curse you, Ethan!

So, what's my secret infallible fitness program?

Um, I don't have one. Sorry.

I've never had much luck sticking to a workout routine, mostly because I am easily bored. Mike Dunford waxes rhapsodic about swimming, but after a few laps I want to drown myself to get it over with. I can just about manage to force myself to ride an exercise bike from time to time, but only because I can read magazines or watch tv while I do. And forget about jogging. Biking is about as much as I can stand, and that only works when I can go several miles at a stretch, because I can see significant changes in scenery.

The only exercise program I've managed stick to is lunchtime pick-up basketball, because it's both social and competitive. I try to play three days a week, and usually manage two. This is probably sub-optimal in a lot of ways, not least the dozen or so nagging joint injuries I've piled up over years of playing rugby and basketball, but solo exercise just bores me silly, and I inevitably find myself finding reasons not to do it.

Basketball, though, keeps me involved. First, because it's the greatest game ever invented, and I enjoy the infinite permutations it offers. But as a bonus, it's a team game, with all the social rituals that go with it. When something really cool happens, by definition there are other people there to see it, and bullshit about it afterwards. The camaraderie of the game is an essential part of what keeps me involved.

Pick-up and intramural soccer also works, but it's not a year-round thing in this climate. Not by a mile.

This will inevitably become a problem sometime down the road when all those nagging injuries force me to retire from lunchtime hoops. At which point I guess I might start playing golf more than a couple of times a year, or something.

That's all I've got, though. If you were expecting something useful, sorry.

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No dog walking?

If it looks and feels like dedicated "excercise" I won't do it. It's boring, and requires planning and preparation. I walk or bike when I need to get somewhere, I take the kids outdoors, I go dancing. No special gear needed. And I probably get my 10000 steps a day ;)

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