Basketball at High Altitude

SteelyKid is one of the biggest fans of Union's women's basketball games. Not necessarily the team, just going to the games-- she rampages all around the lobby, and as the crowd is generally pretty sparse, everybody is cool with that. The Pip has started coming along this year, and the two of them chase each other all over the place.

This past week, the team scored a big upset over William Smith, the second half of which the kids spent climbing up and down the stands. This is a shot from floor level with my phone, after I got sick of following them up and down, and figured that any major disasters were likely to bring them down to the bottom anyway...

SteelyKid and The Pip way up high at the basketball game. SteelyKid and The Pip way up high at the basketball game.

Note the Union basketball jersey-- a gift from the team last year-- and the lack of socks. The Pip is a little more into the game at the time this was taken-- or at least into the idea of clapping about basketball. A minute or two after this, he had also taken his shoes and socks off, because while he's old enough to want to do whatever SteelyKid is doing, he's still to young to recognize that she's a bad influence...

And that's your cute-kid photo of the week.

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I dragged my kids all over gyms and fields while I was coaching two high-school sports. They were true gym rats. It was much easier to keep track of them inside; also no line-drive foul balls to avoid.