Tuesday Toddler Blogging

SteelyKid's second birthday is Saturday, so we're getting her a few things. Given the recent video I posted, one of her presents was really obvious:


As you can tell, she's inherited her father's skillset. If the dunk picture doesn't convince you, this picture of her ace ball-handling ought to:


Not even two, and she can dribble it off her foot, just like her old man. She's a prodigy, she is.

The hoop and ball were a big hit-- we had to drage the ball along with us when we went out to dinner that night. The other big treat of the day was a visit from Grandma and Grandpa, who brought along this beauty:


That's a fire truck ("Truck! Vroom VROOM!") with a hose that sprays water. It took a little while to get the idea, and she's not quite big enough to pump it effectively herself, but it's a big hit. Especially when the adults jump and scramble to get out of the path of the spray...

Tomorrow, she's off to her Grammy's in Boston for a few days, and a party this weekend. I'm sure there's absolutely no chance of her getting spoiled at all. Nope. No way.

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I can't believe she's already (almost) two! Seeing pictures of SteelyKid is one of the highlights of my week.

My two year old loves the basketball hoop we just got for him, too. He's always asking to go out back and "shoot up the ball." And he insists on using the real basketball instead of the smaller and lighter dodgeball.