Poll: Top Physics Story of 2010?

It's the last week of the (calendar) year, which means it's a good time to recap the previous twelve months worth of scientific news. Typically, publications like Physics World will publish a list of top ten physics stories of 2010, but we're all Web 2.0 these days, so it seems more appropriate to put this to a poll:

I've used the Physics World list as a starting point, because you have to start somewhere. I added a few options to cover the possibility that they left something out, and, of course, you know where the comments are.

This poll is made using classical software, and thus you must choose a single answer, not a quantum superposition of multiple answers. Not even if one of them is the "macroscopic" object cooled to its ground state.

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The exoplanet stuff is pretty cool! I think as the years go by the discovery of exoplanets will be one of the biggest PR bumps for science.

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