Thursday Taller Blogging 080411

As she never tires of telling us, SteelyKid keeps getting bigger and bigger. How big? She can touch the ceiling!

i-f900fbf636ee250d224b17b29f81f802-sm_touching ceiling.jpg

OK, she has to be on my shoulders to do it, but the distance between her head and the ceiling has gotten really small. She's huge!

the picture above was taken by Kate standing a few steps up on the stairs. For the ground-level effect (more or less), click through below the fold.


She wouldn't allow a picture tonight, which is a shame, because we spent at least half an hour playing the world's most ridiculous game of hide-and-seek. But these, from last night, were too good not to use.

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No wonder she can see farther. She can ride on the shoulders of giants. It's a great start for her scientific career. (Wow, they get big fast.)

Thank you so much for the toddler blogging! It always makes me smile. Our little one is approximately half-way in between those two shoulder rides.

your shirt made me laugh. dysentary on the Oregon Trail. lol.