Super Pip!

SteelyKid's gotten a bunch of press here recently, so it's time to give her brother his due. So here's a cute picture of The Pip from this afternoon (as the "featured image"-- if you read via RSS, you'll have to click through). He's wearing a "superhero cape" made from a fuzzy blanket, because SteelyKid was bouncing around in a cape made from an entire twin bed sheet.

Of course, the effect here is maybe less superheroic than monastic, especially with his hands folded like that. This could be a photo of Brother Pip of the Order of Little Green Frogs.

And yet another possibility would be that he's rocking that Beatle haircut in honor of the 50th anniversary of their Ed Sullivan appearance. So maybe he's an unknown Lennon/Ono grandkid, about to break into an a capella version of his signature song "I Wanna Hold Your Hand (Or Else I'm Gonna Pitch a Fit)." This doesn't really tie into the fuzzy blanket, but it's an option.

Whatever you make of the photo, he's super cute, and getting very talkative. And today he spent a good half-hour upstairs with SteelyKid and the babysitter, giggling and laughing and jumping around, without either Kate or I in sight. This is a big development for Il Duderino, who got all the introvert genes that skipped SteelyKid...

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