Friday Tab Clearance

Here's some stuff I've had open in Chrome for a while, and want to close before we go out of town for the weekend:

-- Statistics on the professionalization of science blogging, a topic I have banged on about in the past. Nothing really new, but nice to have it somewhat quantified.

-- Speaking of quantifying things, this New York Times piece on metrics is less stupid than I expected. Which is about as high as praise is likely to get for op-eds on this subject.

-- If I didn't get bored with topics after a while, I could just write endless responses to pieces about the state of science journalism.

-- FQXI wants your physics videos.

-- I was going to dump in some links from the ongoing argument about philosophy and physics, but one of the principal sites is 404-ing right now. Probably for the best. I'll just close all those tabs and try to let it go.

-- Jamie Hyneman gave a commencement speech a few years ago, and it's very good. As you would expect.

And there's a partial list of stuff that I've been reading, but wasn't moved enough by to write a whole blog post about.


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I agree, you should just write endless meta-comments. And then meta-meta. Then you can try to set a record on levels of meta!

Just kidding, I'd rather read about cats. Do you have any cats? I'm allergic to cats.

By Peter Davis (not verified) on 24 May 2014 #permalink

P.S. This page is going bonkers when I try to type a comment from my iPad. Every time I press. a key it scrolls down, so I'm typing blind. FYI :)

By Peter Davis (not verified) on 24 May 2014 #permalink