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You may not know this, but I have a book coming out in about a week. I know, I've been pretty quiet about it...

Anyway, this being the modern era, I thought there probably ought to be some sort of central web presence for the book, but unfortunately, it shares a name with a vacuum cleaner manufacturer, a SyFy show that was pretty good before it was canceled, and a famous exclamation by some dude from Syracuse. So the namespace containing obvious forms of the book title is pretty comprehensively gobbled up.

And, of course, this is my third book, and I've been doing a bunch of other miscellaneous public intellectual stuff, with some additional things in the works, and I'd sort of like to expand that. So it makes sense for me to have my own vanity site professional web presence. Thus, the debut of:

Chad Orzel dot com: Science for Humans and Dogs

This has a page dedicated to Eureka: Discovering Your Inner Scientist, plus information about speaking, a collection of videos I've made, and more.

This is cobbled together in WordPress with a bit of cargo-cult CSS going on to tweak one of their default themes. It's subject to change slightly depending on how motivated I feel (and how much I want to avoid doing more important but less enjoyable things). Anyway, go there, check it out, point and laugh, tell your friends and neighbors, etc.

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Lets add the state motto of Ca, The town in Ca, a town in Nv, and the other towns listed on this disambiguation from Wikipedia: There are 13 states that have at least on town called Eureka, two old Eureka cars .... So it is quite a popular name.

My copy arrived Saturday in the post. Haven't cracked it yet but it is high in the to-read stack.

By Bruce Fowler (not verified) on 01 Dec 2014 #permalink