059/366: Pure Evil

You might look at this and say "Oh, what a cute little squirrel..."

A demon from another dimension, at least according to Emmy. A demon from another dimension, at least according to Emmy.

But Emmy will be very happy to explain, loudly and at length, that this is, in fact, a demonic alien menace, an existential threat to the safety of our house and home.

This wasn't really what I had in mind for the photo of the day today, but I took a picture of this little guy while I was outside trying to get a different sort of shot that didn't quite come out the way I wanted. So this is what you get tonight.


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So has Emmy had to go up against the Squirrel of Caerbannog, or is she smart enough to avoid that particular confrontation?

By Eric Lund (not verified) on 30 Oct 2015 #permalink

You should try the children's picture book, _Those Darn Squirrels_ by Adam Rubin with the kids. Very funny and much appreciated at our house.

had the problem with squirrels nesting on top of my motor.
(2000 Jimmy)...
it was annoying reading the posts.. such lame ppl refuting the
idea of it being squirrels and not mice.. anyway..
read one post about copper scouring pad.. so i tried it..
voila... this is the solution.. i just spread it out where they
kept bringing in pinecones and ripping apart my insulation from the hood. i am sooo happy.. BIG tx to whomever posted that solution.. and it has to be copper. NO need to kill anyone or anything. peace.