New Book Alert: "Breakfast With Einstein"

So, I tweeted about this yesterday, but I also spent the entire day feeling achy and feverish, so didn't have brains or time for a blog post with more details. I'm feeling healthier this morning, though time is still short, so I'll give a quick summary of the details:

-- As you can see in the photo (taken with my phone at Starbucks just before I took these to the post office to mail them), I signed a contract for a new book. Four copies, because lawyers.

-- The contract is with Oneworld Publications in the UK, who had a best-seller on that side of the pond with How to Teach Quantum Physics to Your Dog.

-- The working title of the book is Breakfast With Einstein, and the subject matter is basically this talk I gave at TEDxAlbany:

The basic idea is to use ordinary morning activities as a hook to talk about the quantum physics underlying everyday phenomena.

-- The due date for the book is in December 2017, publication to be sometime in 2018. Probably. You know, publishing-- everything is subject to change.

-- There is not yet a US publisher for this book-- we've had some interest, but to my great sorrow and annoyance, Eureka didn't sell well, and that makes things difficult. We're still working on getting a publisher for this side of the Atlantic, and when that happens, I'll post another cell-phone photo of legal documents. If you're a publisher and this sounds interesting, please drop me a line and I'll put you in touch with my agent...

I've known about this for a while-- we agreed to the deal on election day last November, so at least one good thing happened that day-- but transatlantic business deals are more complicated, so it took a while to get everything set up. And now, I've signed the contracts, and I guess I need to write the book. Once I have brains and time for that, which is not this morning.

The traditional photo of a pile of signed contracts for a new book, just before mailing them. The traditional photo of a pile of signed contracts for a new book, just before mailing them.

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By Karen Hurst (not verified) on 01 Feb 2017 #permalink

Congratulations - looking forward to (somehow) getting hold of it.