CT scan of Barbie, an iPod, and more...

Ever wondered what an iPod looks like through the eyes of a computed axial tomography scanner? Wonder no more! Radiologyart.com reveals what lies inside common household objects, from electronics to food to toys. They say:

Since the summer of 2007, the Radiology Art project has been underway. This is a project dedicated to the deeper visualization of various objects that hold unique cultural importance in modern society. So far, these objects have included toys, convenience-related foods, and personal electronics.

Here are some of the highlights:


A toy elephant containing a pull-string mechanism to make it dance. More below the fold...


Common household iPod.


Mmm.... McDonald's Fillet-o-Fish sandwich

The website also boasts videos of the scans - who knew that Barbie actually had a skeleton?


Hat Tip to Woodchopper


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Amazing, make sure you download the QTVR.mov of each to see them rotate!

Thanks for the link! These are some truly awesome pics. The joints on the barbie doll was particularly cool!

It's kind of cool how the ratchety bits in Barbie's legs look almost like real bones at a quick glance. I had to look pretty carefully to realize it wasn't a prank image.

What? You never chewed up your Barbie to see the bones inside when you were a kid? ;-)

Seeing that barbie has a "femur" and a "tibia" does not make me feel guilty for dismembering any of the barbies I was given, as a little girl. However, it makes me grateful that they put the metal in her legs, so I could squeeze whatever joy I could out of the barbie by bending her legs forward. (The knee made a click noise when it got as far as it could.)

Thank You for sharing, that was awesome.
(Also- I think there's a book like this, but with an xray instead of CT.)