Please send good vibes to my small friend Annika

My small friend Anni, on the left wearing the crown in this Christmas photo (with her sister Frankie) is 7. She is waiting for her third liver transplant. Last week, she was taken from our town to Chicago in an ambulance because of a particularly heavy bleed, and although the bleeding has now slowed, her hepatic artery is narrowed, and her doctors think she might have Graft Versus Host Disease.

I don't know what all this means except it's bad. Her mom Moreena blogs about Anni and Frankie here and sounds petrified.

Moreena's previous post was about the neighbor girl down the block who just died from leukemia, so she and her fam could really use some good news for a change.

If you're having a good day today, do you think you could direct some good vibes Anni and her family's way? And maybe an encouraging comment to Moreena?

And even better, sign up to be an organ donor. You generally have to register in your state - please don't wait.

Thanks. I'm hoping for good news.

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Great post. . . . worked with the organ transplant team on many occasions keeping up with the paper work and the calls for the organs we had . . . . our hospital provides many organs due to our supply of drunk driving young soldiers. . . . kind of sad. . . .