Welcome Kim Hannula!

i-9dc84d4d9156dccb30d5f62466b4219a-swblocks.jpgOne of my favorite bloggers, with one of the best blog titles ever, has drifted on over to ScienceBlogs. Kim writes beautifully about geology and geosciences education, and occasionally about women in science. She guest blogged for us a few weeks ago, and now she's got her own well-deserved brighter spotlight.

If you are not yet reading All My Faults are Stress Related, you should be. Here's a snippet from a recent post to whet your appetite:

[M]y suggestion for the "100 great geologic places" list might surprise you:

Your own backyard. ...

But I'm serious. Every place has geology. Even if it's flat and buried beneath black soil. Even if it's under pavement. Even if it's covered by trees. Somewhere below you are rocks, and below that are more rocks, and eventually there are metamorphic rocks and mantle rock and on and on and on. Those rocks contain water, maybe near enough to the surface that it seeps into your basement, and maybe deep enough down that your community should worry about running out of it. Those rocks affect the types of soil that develop or the stability of very tall buildings. Your home's tectonic and climatic history created the landscape you look at, whether it's rolling hills or flat fields or mountains hidden in the smog.

For her first post at ScienceBlogs, she's talking about phenology. Don't know what that is? Another reason to head over there and offer her a warm welcome.

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