Bloggy goodness

i-9dc84d4d9156dccb30d5f62466b4219a-swblocks.jpgI'm going to share a few wonderful links to ease my transition back into the on-line world.
First, there's a new photoblogger on the Scienceblogs' Photo Synthesis blog. BJ Bollender is the training coordinator for disability awareness and assistive technology in Arizona. She always travel with camera in hand, and she's got an eye for natural wonders, including rocks and minerals (yay!). Check out her gorgeous first post.

There's another new blogger 'round these parts: Eric Michael Johnson of The Primate Diaries. I know that Eric is a Sciencewomen reader, because he won a Recycled Ideas gifty from me a few thousand internet memes ago. Eric is also a very new parent. (It does strike me however, that the near simultaneous move to Scienceblogs and the arrival of his child is an example of how men aren't nearly as burdened by the whole pregnancy/birth/lactation thing as women.) In any case, I hope he'll add to the cadre of parent blogging around here. Congrats, Eric!

Finally, GrrlScientist is a leading contender to be the official blogger of a Quark Expeditions trip to Antarctica. I don't know any bloggers that would do a better a job describing that icy wonderland. Just listen to GrrlScientist describe the contest and why she wants to go. As Jess Palmer (of Bioephemera) tweeted:

Help Grrlscientist win the official blogger slot on trip to Antarctica! Registration takes ~3 min - but she deserves it!

As of this writing GrrlScientist (registered under the pseudonym Devorah Bennu) is in second place: 493 votes to 541 votes. So go vote!

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