Call for posts for August Scientiae, hosted by Abel Pharmboy

i-f875c0b07d9b3cb6229668554781b35a-alice.jpgHooray, the first male host of Scientiae! Abel Pharmboy is hosting the August Scientiae, and posts the following on his blog:

Summer days, driftin' away. . .

Consider how you balance the demands and pleasures of this season. Have you found ways to make progress on your must-dos while also taking time for your family, friends - and yourself - and being in the moment of this time of year? Or are July and August just another month for you?

And so as not to exclude our colleagues in the Southern Hemisphere (where I am fortunate to draw 5-7% of my blog visitors), why don't you take this time from your winter and reflect upon how you will enjoy your summer?

To submit entries, all you need to do is look here for submission information or read the following:
Please e-mail the permalink URL to your posts to scientiaecarnival at ye olde gmail by Friday 31 July. I'll compile them and post the carnival on either Saturday 1 August or, more likely, Sunday 2 August.

Submit your posts in the usual way. W00T!


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Whoa! Really? Am I the first male host? I'm even more honored - thanks!