The modern-day Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy

i-f875c0b07d9b3cb6229668554781b35a-alice.jpgA realization had over dinner, looking up "cream cheese" and "fromage frais" on our new iPhones: the iPhone is the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. At least while attached to Wikipedia.

That's got to be work an app -- something with "Don't Panic" in large friendly letters on the front. I'm not sure this counts. You're welcome, App Store programmers.


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I think that Randall Munroe made precisely that point about the Kindle, which works a little better if you are broke or don't have a fixed (billing) address.

I liken it more to Penny's book in Inspector Gadget, but that may be because I was exposed to IG before HHGTTG.

Yup - it "contains much that is apocryphal and inaccurate - but where it is inaccurate, it is at least definitively inaccurate".

How is it possible that no one has programmed this yet?!!