The Nobel Laureates Meeting in Lindau - live on ScienceBlogs Germany


Annually focusing on a different discipline, the Nobel Laureates meet in Lindau (Southern Germany). This year's meeting is going to be about chemistry and we, the editors of will be covering all events along with seven blogging scientists.

Although there will of course be lots of articles in German, we also launched an English section of the blog in which the most interesting articles will be translated - may the readers of this site forgive occasional bumpiness in our language skills.

As mentioned earlier here, PZ Myers will also attend the conference. The main topic of this year's meeting will be the role chemistry might play in the solution of problems of the 21st century, especially focusing on climate change.

Altoghether 23 Nobel Laureates confirmed their attendance to be at Lake Constance between 28/6/09 and 3/7/09 where they will be talking to colleagues and more than 600 young academics from all over the world.

To not miss anything it is worth keeping an eye on our blog - in case, dass du ein wenig Deutsch verstehst, kannst du auch hier lesen!

For more informations, there pages might be interesting:

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