"Sizzle" Panel Discussion: Revkin (NY Times), Oreskes (UCSD), Doney (WHOI), Olson

On the morning after our east coast premiere of "Sizzle" at the Woods Hole Film Festival on July 26 we had a really good panel discussion which WGBH video taped and has just posted. Andy Revkin (of the NY Times) and Naomi Oreskes (star of "Sizzle") are both excellent. Scott Doney doesn't quite get enough time and I take too much, but aside from that, I'd encourage you to give it a listen (just play the audio like a podcast, there's not much to watch). At 1:04 is a wonderful moment for me -- a member of the audience tells about the profound effect "Sizzle" had upon his 15 year old daughter.

Also, I just spent the weekend at Penn State where we had a "Sizzle" screening on Friday night that produced another great panel discussion which included Michael Mann, co-founder of realclimate.org. Whether you love the film (Variety) or hate it (Nature), you can't deny it's a catalyst for productive discussions like this panel from Woods Hole.

From left: Andy Revkin (NY Times), Scott Doney (WHOI chemist), Naomi Oreskes (UCSD historian of science), Randy Olson (filmmaker)

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