Jellyfish and Bacteria

...That's what you get when the ocean is infer-e-yah.

We sang about it six years ago. In 2002 we made a Flash video in which we said, "A new term for the new millennium:  Jellyfish blooms." And now our dire predictions appear to be coming true, around the world.


They'll sting your knees, and cause disease.

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Hi there. Just to point the wrong link to the "Flash Video", you must fix it :)

Happy winter solstice!

Just the usual post to protest the use of the term "jellyfish". Hey, wasn't that a seagull that just flew by? Off to lunch. I'm having shellfish!

By Blind Squirrel FCD (not verified) on 21 Dec 2008 #permalink

I'm going to bet that it's usually the first reason that gets most peoples' knickers in a twist. In this culture, women's bodies exist mostly to please men. If they're otherwise occupied, or not pleasing, they're supposed to be kept private. The breasts of breastfeeding women are both--no wonder they're so offensive.