Welcome to Starts With A Bang!

Welcome to our new home on the web! For those of you who are longtime readers of Starts With A Bang!, I welcome you to our new location! And to those of you who see me as a new face, it's my pleasure to meet you!

I'm looking forward to a long and healthy partnership with scienceblogs and their outstanding team of bloggers, including (some of my favorites):

  • Pharyngula -- full of irate opinions and outstanding biology,
  • Dynamics of Cats -- where theoretical physics and random events meet,
  • Framing Science -- Matthew Nisbet brings some reason to science communication, and
  • Eruptions -- Volcanoes, volcanoes, and... looks like more volcanoes.

I hope to bring some extraordinary astronomy, astrophysics, cosmology (and the beautiful pictures that come with them), as well as lots of other interesting analysis to the team, on everything from planets:

to stars and galaxies:

to dark matter and more.

We've got a whole Universe out there to explore, and I mean to take on any and every topic where I have something intelligent and well-researched to add.

I also couldn't resist putting together a little video for everyone here, introducing myself to the world-at-large and announcing just what Starts With A Bang! is all about:

Welcome to our new home online; I'll see you at least every Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and weekend!

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Could you please provide the rss feed url for this new blog? I couldn't find it anywhere :(.

I already missed a post because I didn't subscribe to your blog

Welcome aboard! I'm an avid listener to Planetary Radio, so I'm very happy to have an astronomical scibling.

Here's a subject I'd like you to take on: what does the astronomical community think about the quality of Brian May's thesis? I have no idea if it's anywhere near as good as his guitar playing. Have any reviews been published yet?

Is that Megaman music I hear sampled for the video? Awesome!


Apparently, it's exactly what you'd expect in a PhD thesis. It's reasonable, correct, and extremely detail-oriented. It's pretty esoteric about dust, which is not my field. Which is to say, he deserved his PhD, but he'll never win a Nobel Prize for it.


So close! It's Mike Tyson's Punch Out!!!

Welcome to ScienceBlogs.

So, is that an American Gladiators costume? I used to be a huge fan long-long ago, before they started wearing helmets and wimpy stuff like that.

By Physicalist (not verified) on 06 Apr 2009 #permalink

Thanks for the welcome, everyone!

I look forward to my new arrival here, and putting some great things out there!

Oh, man. Not another one! It's a good thing I'm retired; otherwise I'd never have time to keep up with all the science goodness here at ScienceBlogs.

I hope that Cordelia will get along well with Emmy over at Uncertain Principles.

Dude, the music in that video is awful and you have bad hair, but I find I am strangely excited.

Great stuff! I was directed here by PZ Myers.

[Looks rapidly side-to-side without moving head:] "I'll be back ..."

Welcome Ethan! I'm a physics undergraduate in the UK, and looking at your first few posts, this blog looks like it's going to be really interesting! Happy blogging!

By Alex Deam (not verified) on 07 Apr 2009 #permalink

w00t! Welcome, Ethan!

I've also got me one of them thar PhD papers from Tom Petty's University on a Swamp. I look forward to reading you and sharing some stories of Hogtown.


You like the Marquis de Coiffure?

I may have to rethink this feed ...

It helps that you have a BA in the Classics, though (I'm jealous).

I feel like I missed something. What does everyone have against Nisbet? My main thoughts on the matter was that he's trying to get people to talk about not just what you say but how you say it, which I think is important.

What do I know, though.

You have indeed missed something. If you really care you can look for his name on PeeZed's, Greg Laden's and Blake Stacey's blogs, but I won't recommend it.

The executive summary is that he's not "trying to get people to talk about not just what you say but how you say it".

He very much comes across as someone who wants everyone else to shut up if they don't say things in the way that he wants them too. He's a 'one size fits all' believer.

As someone on Pharyngula said "For an 'expert' in 'Framing' he sure isn't very good at it." Or words to that effect.

But I guess it's good for him that he hasn't managed to alienate everyone.


hey Ethan!
I am looking at your blog and smiling to myself. How are you doing?
I would love to read more about the dark matter. It interests me, perhaps because I do not understand it. plus Quantum Physics...fascinating

Oh, man. Not another one! It's a good thing I'm retired; otherwise I'd never have time to keep up with all the science goodness here at ScienceBlogs.

I hope that Cordelia will get along well with Emmy over at Uncertain Principles.