Carnival of Space #109 is live!

Last week, I was lucky enough to get to host the Carnival of Space. This week, the honor goes to Jennifer Ouellette at Twisted Physics, and my article on the 1950s and Fred Hoyle gets top billing! There are a bunch of other highlights to check out. Here are my top 3 CoS picks of the week:

1. Ever what would have happened in the 1960s if the Apollo program had failed? Beyond Apollo takes an in-depth look at a secret backup plan from the RAND corporation that was NASA's number 2 option.

2. All planets that can support life may have their possibly habitable lifetimes greatly extended once life exists, since life helps regulate Carbon Dioxide and offset changes in their Sun's output. Bruce at 21st Century Waves has the scoop.

3. I thought I had Moon Maps down, but The Power to Push Away the Darkness has a map of Moon-related enterprises, courtesy of the Moon's fans on Earth, that I've never seen before. Worth a look if you'd like to see what people are thinking and doing about good ol' Luna.

Check out the entire Carnival of Space #109 here, and head on over to Universe Today for an archive of all past carnivals!


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I want more photo mosaics of the far side of the moon! I'm tired of looking at the same side all the time.

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