Weekend Diversion: Teaching the Children

And you,

of tender years,

can't know the fears

that your elders grew by... -Graham Nash, Crosby, Stills, Nash, & Young

Here's CSNY's version of Teach Your Children from their third album (their second with Neil Young), 4 Way Street, although it was always the lyrics of the song that got to me.

Like many people involved in college life, my semester is winding down, and finals week is upon us. My astronomy class just ended yesterday; little did I know that one of my students had made up a comic strip about me! (Click for full-size.)

For the first time since High School when Rory McEvoy wrote me into (and quickly out of) his comics, I have made it into the animated world! No, no superpowers this time, just my regular powers, like slightly inappropriate humor. (FYI, there's apparently an entire page in the artist's notebook devoted to things like this that I've said in class.)

Have a great weekend!

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You teach in a utilikilt?!

For some reason I hear what's being said in the voice of the hippie teacher from Beavis and Butthead.

Awwww! How cool is that?

Sili, yes, yes I do.

foole, Van Driessen is probably not too far off, although I'm a lot louder and more assertive.

Brian, I agree completely.