Weekend Diversion: ...it might just be their face?

"A man's face is his autobiography. A woman's face is her work of fiction." -Oscar Wilde

It's an intense world out there, and life can leave you weary in many ways. And sometimes, making your way through each day makes it feel like the whole world is watching, and there's no hiding. Have a listen, this weekend, to The Basement's song,

I Just Caught A Face.

Sometimes, no matter how hard we try to put our best face forward, we come off as stand-offish (or worse) to the world.

Image credit: ©2009-2013 ~lalalietta of deviantART. Image credit: ©2009-2013 ~lalalietta of deviantART.

Well, what if that person with the confrontational look on their face wasn't stand-offish at all?

Image credit: Ryan Rhodes of http://ramblingrhodes.mu.nu/. Image credit: Ryan Rhodes of http://ramblingrhodes.mu.nu/.

What if there's actually nothing they're upset or angry about? What if they're not looking for an argument or a fight?

Image credit: Nawiderahman of http://atukwee.blogspot.com/. Image credit: Nawiderahman of http://atukwee.blogspot.com/.

What if, in fact that was just their face?

Image credit: Latin Heat Entertainment (of Danny Trejo), via http://www.latinheat.com/. Image credit: Latin Heat Entertainment (of Danny Trejo), via http://www.latinheat.com/.

Well, let no one be confused by this again! There's a public service announcement -- that deals with exactly this issue -- that should be required viewing by all.

"I don't want to fight you!"

Thank to Taylor Orci for making such a hilarious video, and I hope it brought a little humor and amusement to your weekend. See you back here tomorrow for you-know-what!

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Being a bitch is a good thing; it's a strength, a real strength. You see, our strengths and weaknesses are exactly the same thing. I don't mean that they are two sides of the same coin; I mean they are exactly the same thing.

When you say he is a real egghead; that is his strength and his weakness. Or when you say she is the pleasantest person you will ever meet; that is a strength and a weakness.

So when my teenage daughters were bitches; I taught them that guys are jerks and assholes and that is their strength and girls are bitches. But you've got to use your strengths appropriately. I mean you can't be a bitch to a child.

I'd say to my daughter, "You are amazing. You know how to bring a grown man to tears; that is a real talent. Very nice. But your still grounded."

"But when someone tries to bully you, or in other ways take advantage of you; that's when you need to just bring out your inner bitch."

Good job.

People are not naturally integrated psychologically. It takes time and experience to integrate the variety of ones personality into an whole that includes not just qualities of being analytical, being a good listener, being compassionate; but it also includes being a bitch. Maturity is being an integrated personality. And that includes your inner bitch or inner asshole.

Needs a photo of Grumpy Cat. :)

Ha! That was good.

Also I would never mistake that for Danny Trejo being angry. First because I already know that's his regular not-pissed face, but also simply because I'm still alive long enough to be wondering "Gee, I wonder if Danny Trejo is mad at me?" then the answer is "No."

Machete don't get bitchy face. Machete don't get asshole face. Machete just get you.