Mini-Movie Monday: Genesis Episode 1, Organic Molecules (Synopsis)

“You may have heard the world is made up of atoms and molecules, but it’s really made up of stories. When you sit with an individual that’s been here, you can give quantitative data a qualitative overlay.” -William Turner

This blog has always been about the cosmic story common to us all: the story of where all this comes from. It's no coincidence I named it Starts With A Bang; perhaps the most remarkable thing in the entire Universe is that it can be scientifically understood!

Image credit: B. Fugate (FASORtronics) / ESO, via Image credit: B. Fugate (FASORtronics) / ESO, via

And so I'm incredibly pleased to share with you -- as we leave our Messier Monday series behind -- the newest Monday series: Genesis, the story of where all this comes from.

Image credit: Atacama Large Millimeter/Submillimeter Array, ESO / NRAO / NAOJ. Image credit: Atacama Large Millimeter/Submillimeter Array, ESO / NRAO / NAOJ.

Go and check out episode 1, on organic molecules, now!


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It was quite well done and interesting. Perhaps a greater use of visuals with voice-overs rather than lengthy personal appearances would improve it further.

Also, without suggesting that you adopt an Irish dancer's upper body movement style, perhaps going in that direction just a little way might be less distracting.

Your Messier Monday series was coming to an end when I noticed it on I dipped into it on occasion with and found it of great interest.

Recently I have been engaging in MOOCs on Origins and Emergence of Life where atoms and molecules, RNA and DNA are of great importance. Regrettably though, my knowledge of chemistry is lacking. Hopefully I'll learn a lot from your new series "Genesis, the story of where all this comes from" that will add to these courses.

I often view and download transcripts of the video material of these MOOCs, would it be possible to include transcripts with your videos?

I'm very much looking forward to following this series and take this opportunity to thank you for producing it.

very nice!

mmmm...raspberries. poison bad!

Hi Ethan
I get a 404 error when I try and subscribe on YouTube.

By david hurn (not verified) on 16 Dec 2014 #permalink

Keep up the excellent work! I put you in the class as my favorite scientist, Carl Sagan. You don't have the same soothing voice he projected, but you sure can exude a passion about your subject that is contagious!
"Alan L" must have been a Toastmaster. But he has some good suggestions to maintain people's attention.
I could read your material all day. The Universe is a wonder!
Stan R

By Stan Roelker (not verified) on 20 Dec 2014 #permalink