Astronomy at the edge of the sky (Synopsis)

When you think of the night sky -- of a good, dark night sky -- you probably think of going away, far into the wilderness, away from all human activity. If you're a little more clever, you'll head up, to the top of a high mountain, where the air is thin and steady.

Image credit: Mike Prokosch. Image credit: Mike Prokosch.

And if you live in a country like Chile, that has the high altitude of the Andes mountains that overlooks the still air of the South American Pacific, that's exactly what you're in for. Luckily, Starts With A Bang writer (and theoretical astrophysics professor) Brian Koberlein recently took a trip down there, and got to see some of the greatest observatories (and skies) up close.

Image credit: Jim O’Leary. Image credit: Jim O’Leary.

And lucky for us, he's sharing that story with the world today. Come take a look!


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Thanks, Brian via Ethan.

Has anyone spotted C/2011 L4 (PANSTARRS) as of late? Too much rain & bad skies generally for the last week or so. Guess you northerners will get your turn again come September. :)