Hawaii ... not as good as they think they are.

Tonight #16 Hawaii played San Jose State and won 42-35 in overtime. That’s the same San Jose that ASU beat 45-3. Hawaii go 7-0 but frankly, given whom they have beat, are horribly overrated. Despite being unbeaten. Hawaii haven’t really met any real opposition (witness Northern Colorado, Louisiana Tech, UNLV, Charleston Southern, Idaho, Utah State). They certainly don’t deserve a BCS bearth. As for Colt Brennan’s Heisman hopes. Nope, ain’t gonna happen.

Later tonight, it’s ASU (#14, 6-0) versus Washington.


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OK, so Michigan lost to a team that itself lost to UCLA and Oregon State. Unsurprisingly, Dwayne Jarrett showed himself to be a classless TO-wannabe. But what about Boise State? 43-42 over Oklahoma in overtime to go unbeaten. Classic, just classic.
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