Did someone say "shoes?"

Blame Isis:

i-9b12f6f9bf4374bd240794f927cae254-NB908 515px.jpg

Figure 1: New Balance 908 trail shoes with my Polar S1 footpod (to go with my four-year-old Polar RS200).

And don't give me grief about my Smartwool Light Hiking Socks - best trail running sock on the planet.

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Wool and its blends don't get half the respect they deserve.

I never tried the 908s; I'm currently rotating through a bunch of 806s that I picked up in bulk.

By D. C. Sessions (not verified) on 28 Dec 2008 #permalink

HA HA HA...Abel, you are a funny man!!!!

That Polar device looks like a giant beetle from one of those Scorpion King movies. If I were a dude I'd be more worried about it coming to life, detaching itself from my shoe, and scurrying up my Jockey shorts.

But those shoes are plantlife killing machines!!!!

@CPP - To be honest, I was so disoriented at the time I took the photo that I was unaware of all the stuff on my shoes. I think that was a leaf. Lots of dead stuff on the ground but I obviously didn't run hard enough (despite an average 86% max HR) since there's no mud on the socks.

@D.C Sessions - I learned in Colorado that wool keeps you warm even when wet. I haven't tried the 806s but had several pairs of old 907s. It's about time to get a new pair anyway.

@Isis - The Polar foot pod is totally worth looking like some sort of large beetle because its inertial technology allows one to quantify distance even in heavily-wooded areas where GPS doesn't work. The thing is accurate to within 2-3% without any calibration. (completely unpaid endorsement, although I'm not above taking any swag from a Polar PR person who might be reading). Anyway, it couldn't scurry up my shorts because I run way too fast (not!).

@Stephanie - Hear, hear!

Knitters know that wool is warm, even when wet. In her book Knitting Without Tears, famous knitting instructor and publisher Elizabeth Zimmerman wrote:

The best socks are made of wool. My husband once rescued a hunting dog from a half-frozen pond, and continued to hunt all day in soggy hip boots, his feet warm in soggy woolen socks. A pair of thick woolen socks has been likened to a pair of heating pads under the feet. Let synthetics try to make similar statements.

@Prof in Training - Nice legs btw! Oh, you must mean the three-inch gouge scar from tripping over the jogging stroller the 4th of July that gave me a three-month scab. Note, however, that the photo does not show the 10-15 lb wine/beer gut I am trying to lose with re-initiation of my slow-running program. btw, I like the light running crews for less intense workouts.

@Barn Owl - Ah, yes, I forgot that you were part of the bloggers knitting cabal - who was in charge of PhysioProf's beanie, anyway? I absolutely love the passage from Knitting Without Tears. In my book, wool rools!

The scar looked like a shaving mishap. I'm renowned for tripping over my own feet so I feel your pain.

Those running socks look nice but they'll just have to wait until get my annual dividend from REI ...

Abel, I'm not sure whether we knitting bloggers are a cabal (cable, maybe?), or a Mystik Krewe, or perhaps a skein. I think it was Lab Cat who was in charge of PP's beanie, but I would have to check Ravelry; there was a thread or two on the subject in the LS&G group forum.

One of the great things about Elizabeth Zimmerman's books, is that not only does she provide the reader with instructive anecdotes and pithy pronouncements, she proceeds to describe exactly how one can create warm wool socks (and other garments) by knitting.

@Prof in Training - Well, I don't shave my legs (never even did when I was cycling) because I am relatively hairless for someone who exudes such a massive amount of testosterone. I think it's due to the Eastern European heritage.

@drdrA - I would never do something so subversive! Those are indeed my stubby feet after a four-mile trail run on a cross-country course through woods and mud on an overcast 70F day. I was sitting in my car in the parking lot, sweating all over my seat and shiny new iPhone, sucking down Gatorade and trying to get my pupils to accommodate again.

@Barn Owl - Are you saying that Zimmerman can really spin a yarn?

You might also say that Zimmerman shared her purls of wisdom. ;-)

ah, i just discovered the joys of new balance a couple of months ago.

your talk of trails makes me a little jealous. the weather has been nice enough lately, i'm thinking of hitting the trails on the bike!

Meh, New Balance.

Brooks for the win.