No bad cat fascist regimes

I'm having trouble writing today for various reasons. However, let me leave you with two signs I've encountered today. I like signs.

i-63741528698146a2a9fd216cdf8a952f-Green Room 515px.jpg
i-5583c7649d0023515300cd03cce45343-Bad Cat 515px.jpg

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Hey, maybe you don't realize how hard it is to find a place to start a high quality fascist regime. I have been looking for some time now. It's not easy.

@Chemgeek - damn straight. You'd think that a hipster pool hall with an incredibly good beer selection would be open to and comfortable with paying customers establishing a fascist regime. In fact, not allowing the establishment of a fascist regime is downright fascist.

btw, I LOVE LOVE LOVE your new beer taps - hey Terra Sig peeps, go over to Chemgeek's and bow in reverence!:

Tears of joy, Brother; tears of joy.

@Isis - I can send you the high-res photo. While I love even bad cats, my asthma does not permit prolonged exposure.