With love and admiration: Congratulations PharmGirl, MD!

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Dear PharmGirl,

We wanted to make this note public today because a great many of our blog friends know of your dedication as a physician, wife, and a mother.

Yesterday you finished an association with an academic medical institution where you have been for half your life. From young women with breast cancer to old men in the V.A. Hospital, literally thousands have been touched by your gifts of intelligence, remarkable clinical judgment, and, perhaps most importantly, compassion. The recognition from your patients was abundant and we were privy to the personal notes of just how much you have made a difference to families faced with one of the most feared of diagnoses. Dozens of students, interns, and residents have been the beneficiaries of your tutelage and example as they pursued their own sacred paths in medicine.

But while closing this chapter for now, today you embark on a new journey and a new application of your medical training and dedication to relieving human suffering. We understand the magnitude of fortitude and soul-searching you invested to get to this day. It takes great courage to change direction in an academic medical career but we all know this is the right choice for you. In this venue, you will no doubt help thousands, if not millions, with your new knowledge and training.

You are a tremendous inspiration to your daughter of just what a woman can do with enough determination and hard work. And you are a role model for your husband to dig down deep and be the best person and soul mate that he can.

We are thrilled to be taking this exciting journey with you.

Pharmboy and PharmKid


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Dear PharmGirl, best wishes on your change in focus! I don't know what fearsome condition your specialize in, but if I ever get it, I hope to be treated by someone as respected as you. Cheers!

You go PharmGirl! Thanks for the inspiration and all that you do.


Yea, PharmGirlMD for having the guts to make a change! (Yes, that's all I have to say, cuz that's serious guts)

Dear Pharmgirl-
Your wisdom and knowledge certainly helped me through a difficult time- thanks!!

Bill and I wish you the best of luck in your new ventures!


Mazel Tov PharmGirl, MD! May you move from strength to strength. Pharm family, you are rich -- and I'm not talking about money.

By Catharine (not verified) on 01 Jul 2009 #permalink

best wishes!

PharmGirl: May the new door you pass through lead to a room that is filled with the joy and love you've specialized in giving to others for all those years. I applaud your courage.