"Stiff Nights" Falls on Hard Times

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I should probably create a new blogpost category just for erectile dysfunction dietary supplements adulterated with authentic or synthetic analogs of prescription phosphodiesterase-5 (PDE5) inhibitors (e.g., Viagra, Cialis).

However, FDA has already created a page for this earlier this year after dozens of companies have been identified as putting real drugs into their erectile dysfunction products.

Do the brains behind these companies not realize that FDA is now monitoring every erectile dysfunction supplement for all manner of PDE5 inhibitors?

Apparently not:

For Immediate Release: Nov. 5, 2009

Media Inquiries: Christopher Kelly, 301-796-4676, christopher.kelly@fda.hhs.gov
Consumer Inquiries: 888-INFO-FDA

FDA Warns Consumers on Sexual Enhancement Products
Another dietary supplement is found to be contaminated with potentially dangerous ingredient

FDA Hidden risks of ED products online.jpg

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration is warning consumers that Stiff Nights, a product marketed as a dietary supplement for sexual enhancement, contains an ingredient that can dangerously lower blood pressure and is illegal.

Over the past several years, the FDA has found many products marketed as "dietary supplements" for sexual enhancement that contain undeclared active ingredients of FDA-approved drugs, analogs of approved drugs and other compounds that do not qualify as "dietary ingredients." The FDA has issued multiple alerts about these contaminated dietary supplements.

Consumers and health care professionals should be aware of this problem and the health hazard it presents. Sexual enhancement products that claim to work as well as prescription products are likely to contain a contaminant. Use of such products exposes consumers to unpredictable risk and the potential for injury or even death.

In the case of Stiff Nights, following a consumer complaint, the FDA determined that the product contains sulfoaildenafil. This is a chemical similar to sildenafil, the active ingredient in Viagra. Sulfoaildenafil may interact with prescription drugs known as nitrates, including nitroglycerin, and cause dangerously low blood pressure.

The product is distributed on Internet sites and at retail stores by Impulsaria LLC of Grand Rapids, Mich. It is sold in bottles containing 6, 12, or 30 red capsules or in blister packs containing one or two capsules.

"Because this product is labeled as an 'all natural dietary supplement,' consumers may assume it is harmless and poses no health risk," said Deborah M. Autor, director of FDA's Center for Drug Evaluation and Research Office of Compliance. "In fact, this product is illegally marketed and can cause serious complications."

The FDA advises consumers who have experienced any adverse events from sexual enhancement products to consult a health care professional. Consumers and health care professionals should report adverse events to the FDA's MedWatch program at 800-FDA-1088 or online at www.fda.gov/medwatch/report.htm

The FDA remains committed to stopping the illegal marketing of unapproved drugs and will continue to protect the public with vigorous law enforcement and criminal prosecution of violators.

I'll be very serious about this for a moment because, in this particular case, it appears that FDA was acting on a consumer complaint that I suspect arose from an adverse health reaction to the product. Taking a PDE5 inhibitor on top of prescription vasodilators can cause a very frightening drop in blood pressure that, at the very least, could cause one to briefly lose consciousness and fall.

I've got to get to work so I don't have time to go through all the ingredients but I just wanted to capture this content before their page goes down. The stuff sounds all sort of mystical with the use of the traditional Chinese medicine herb names. The misspellings in the salts of arginine must mean they have highly proprietary analogs of this amino acid precursor to nitric oxide - I'm sure that frequent blog commenter Daedalus can set us straight.

What's in Stiff Nights?
Stiff Nights is comprised of a special blend of Herbs, Mushrooms and Greens. This particular blend has taken us 7 years to perfect. It is this special blend that makes Stiff Nights so potent while being 100% natural.

Stiff Nights is comprised of a special blend of Herbs, Mushrooms and Greens. This particular blend has taken us 7 years to perfect. It is this special blend that makes Stiff Nights so potent while being 100% natural.

[Yes, they really repeated the paragraphs above - APB]

Stiff Nights contains the following active ingredients:
Yi Ye Cao, Huang Jing, Rou Gui, Tongkat Ali, Turnera Aphrodisiaca, Cayenne 40M H.U., Sheng Jiang, Bo He, White Willow Bark, Huang Qi, Wu Wei Zi, Hui Jiao Zi, L-Arginine Monohydrate, Arginine Alphaketoglutararte, Arginine Ketoiscoaproate, Cordyceps sinensis, Ganoderma lucidum, Lentiunula Edodes, Auricularia auricula, Spirulina, Chlorella, Spinach, Barely Grass, Wheat Grass, Dulse Leaf, Kelp, Alfalfa, Beet Root, Orange Peel, Dandelion Leaf, Lemon Peel, Ginkgo Leaf,

Inert Ingredients:
Barley Flour, Magnesium Stearate, Hypromellose, Water, Vegetarian Capsule.

While it's still live, take a gander at the Stiff Nights site, especially the lovely letter "To my Fellow Man" from Stiff Nights creator and CEO, Jaime Green. (You'll find that under "Regain The Thunder").

I also like how their FAQ makes a major distinction between Stiff Nights and drugs:

Stiff Nights vs. Viagra ®?

Stiff Nights is different than Viagra ® because Stiff Nights is a nonprescription nutritional supplement. Stiff Nights is not a drug. Many users report a better experience than
Viagra ® because Stiff Nights also increases the male sex drive and somehow increases a male's endurance. Since the formula uses only all natural ingredients it seems logical that you reduce the risks of certain side effects associated with Viagra ®. No formal study has been done on this. In addition, Stiff Nights provides other essential nutrients that help you maintain your peak sexual health.

Why take a supplement instead of a drug?

Nutritional supplements typically take a more gradual, gentle, and natural approach. Even though Stiff Nights isn't very gradual, it is still 100% natural. The focus with supplements is on the optimization of health and wellness. Drugs are used for the treatment of disease, and tend to work by modifying or altering specific biological pathways, sometimes in an unnatural manner.

d00d, you put a drug in your supplement.

Sheesh, this is easier than shooting fish in a barrel.

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This is pretty fascinating. I worked for the FDA and a long time in the drug industry and have always feared the insanity of the dietary supp business. I feel naive though. I never realized they actually adulterated their products with real bulk actives.

That's insane. They're selling garbage based on false marketing anyway, why endanger themselves by making such an egregious violation. With the untested natural "remedies" they still sell stuff and they're legally safe. Once they start adding known pharmacologically active components, it's getting close to drug dealing.

I am just curious if it is possible that Sulfoaildenafil could be naturally found in one of those chinese herbs, or if it was specifically determined that the Sulfoaildenafil was synthetically produced.

Dave, they are not âinsaneâ, they are just greedy, lying crooks who donât care about following the law or about hurting people who buy their products; just like all other CAM âprofessionalsâ.

If you order their âfreeâ samples, they put you on an auto-ship of 6 doses per month @ $5.00 per dose. $5 for something that costs a few pennies to make.

The way that erections happen is that nerves trigger the release of NO, the NO activated guanylyl cyclase which then makes cyclic GMP. The cGMP then relaxes smooth muscle which causes certain tissues to fill with blood.

These drugs actually reduce NO levels because they inhibit the phosphodiesterase enzyme that cleaves cGMP, so that there is too much cGMP around, so physiology down-regulates NO production. A single dose of Viagra makes obstructive sleep apnea worse, I think by feedback inhibition of NO production. Breathing is regulated by S-nitrosothiols which are decreased by low NO levels. That pathway is independent of cGMP.

New bullshit for us all to make fun of:

'Kangen' water. It's alkaline and the makers claim it's hexagonal. The dumb people think it's good for them.

By Katharine (not verified) on 06 Nov 2009 #permalink

To all here. I stumbled upon this article by chance and wanting to give some details for all of you.

I am an expert in this industry you could say. I have a company in Canada, it is an actual site licensed approved company that distributes herbs.

I can tell you as a fact that this product contains Viagra and I can also show you where the company actually tells you it contains Viagra.

These spiked product exist primarily in the US, as a Canadian company, we see these pop up regularly and they are a source of both aggravation as well as being a source of mininformation, which we find even more damaging.

As a clean company, producing clean product it is very hard for us to abid by NHP regulation in not producing marketing and advertising to jump on the money bandwagon is it is and instead play it very quite, meanwhile completley unscrupulous operations in the US go about poisoning for riches.

This company and all other like them have one clear signal they print on all their packages of 'herbal' products containing pharma-drugs.

"Do not take more than one pill per 36 hours".

Any sort of caution like this found on any 'herbal' product in fact tells you it is spiked.

There is no herb formula that is a clean product that one has to be concerned about taking too much (ex, one pill) too frequently (ex, per 36 hours).

This standard caution, I believe is something these crooks do believing it may in fact relieve them from lawsuits generated by someone who suffers a heart attack, as I am not American, I do not know for sure.

But I do know for sure that no herbal product contains that cautionary warning. As in the case of our product sold here in Canada for over 5 years and is suppled to the health clinic market as well as retail, you could eat every single pill all at once and the only difference you'd find is that you paid the same amount as someone taking only one dose.

I see that cautionary warning on a lot of 'suspicious' US based product and often wonder why ordinary consumers don't.

This is more than likely due to the amount of 'mininformation' that people are operating on, for example I often tell customers that the first mistake they committed when looking for these products, was actually looking for them.

In Canada, NHP regulation weeds out these elements, not entirely, but certainly to the point where doing regular business is difficult and therefore, not worth attempting.

But in the US this Natural Health Product regulation isn't there...leaving all Americans vulnerable to quack medicines.

I remember having a conversation with a big player in Florida who is involved in the adult store industry.

They were very interested in the work our company has done here in Canada and our formula. When I told him how much the raw cost of materials were in answering why I was quoting prices that he considered 'out to space'....he laughed at me and told me he could get generic viagra for pennies per pill and 'why would I spend that much on your product, when I'm going to throw it on 'lube gel bottles' as a sampler?'

At that point I understood the problem and how deep it goes in the US.

So take this advice.

First and foremost, do not source out and buy product from 'websites'. This seems draconian but the truth is there is NO ONE with creditials or HONEST PASSION for herbal medicians that sells buy internet, all you'll find is people with HONEST PASSION to make a lot of money.

Secondly, do not source out and buy product unless it comes recommended by a qualified ND (naturalpathic doctor).

DO NOT trust your local health food store. There are no regulations in your country that force integrity on the store. There is no one government department licensing honest herbal manufacturing/distributors there fore there is no way for a health food store to make sure they are buying product from a legit honest dealer.

And most important, look at the packaging. If there is a caution about dosage amount and time, then they are telling you it has a prescription drug inside.

Hope this helps you all out.

I never realized that J, that's insightful. I thought everything here are strictly regulated, I mean that's what we're paying taxes for right? Here I am thinking that nutritional supplements are all safe, geez, you got to be careful nowadays.

This pill is amazing! I used in with my boyfriend and I was satisfied! I have some problems with staying hard, and this pill solved the probelm. I highly reccomend this to anyone. I have tried many other products that did not work, but this one is amazing

Heh. "Hard Times" would be a good name for this sort of product, wouldn't it be?

Tried Stiff Nights for the first time this past weekend, before seeing articles like this, for a cheaper alternative to the Viagra I've been taking over the last four years.

For the one pill I took, not only was it less than half the price of Viagra, the effects have lasted, so far as of this posting, 30 hours longer than Viagra.

So far, the wife and I are fans of the product and will continue to use it.

By Naj Le'Kim (not verified) on 09 Nov 2009 #permalink

This product is AWESOME!! I love it!! Say what you will, but I hope they get this on the market..I'm an avid user of this, and it has helped SAVE my life, not hinder it!

This is also in response to #4 on this list...Look pal, I don't give a rat's-ass if you think you are a Dr. of Dick, the bottom line IS...this has made a world of difference in my sex life. And so far as spending $5 for something that cost pennies? I'm the one spending the money, not you- and for me it's worth it! BTW, wanna buy a comic book for $10,000? No? What if it was Superman #1? No...? But SOMEBODY will, because it's worth it TO THEM!! C'pish? :P

What if the warning from the FDA against (which is great by the way !)Stiffnights was a simple case of an attack disguised by the viagra industry using FDA as a cover ?

VIAGRA is bringing much more money to the government while stiffnigts is not .
Sometimes simple reasons have to be found .

I am an herbal skeptic. My wife and I are also swingers and when I started to experience mild bouts of ED I tried Viagra. It gave me a headache and made the problem more pronounced. I thought Stiff Nights sounded hokie but when several swinger friends told me they had the same problem and swore by Stiff Nights, I decided to try it. (Especially since these guys were regarded in swinger circles as being "gods of stamina".) Stiff Knights worked unbelievably well. Fuck the FDA. I don't care if there is a drug in my supplement. If they ban it hopefully it will move offshore and I will still buy it through the net instead of at the store. The risks are listed on the bottle. Let me decide without government interference. PS, it doesn't cost $5 per pill if you buy the bottle of 30 for $60. Hell even at $5 per dose I have rock hard erections on demand for 48-72 hours. $5 for 2 or 3 days of the libido of a 17 year old? Worth it if you ask me.

By Glen Riley (not verified) on 08 Dec 2009 #permalink

This is the ticket... now the government is in our wallets AND got my wood to worry about.Shut up already take a pill and get your groove on.The damn package has a warning read and adhere to it.

Sorry, but I used StiffNights last night and there was not red face, or stuffiness like with Viagra, plus it works

I used it and the store clerk who sold it to me told me that it gave some people headaches, and that all one has to do is drink a little caffeine.

It totally worked and just like many of the posts have said, it lasted for a few days off of one pill, it kept me really hard during sex but not when I wasn't having it.

I found this thread when I was looking to buy it online.

I have never tried Viagra and have no plans to as long as stuff like this is around. The big Drug companies are evil profiteering bastards, who would be in jail in many countries for what they are making off of peoples' illnesses.

A bill does not cost a few pennies to make is costs a fraction of a penny to make FYI.

Great discussion here from everyone.

now there is a conterfit stiff night going around,, its in a plastic card bord case.. anybody know a good website to saftly order the good ones in the plastic case r.

Come one people who are they trying to kid? This is the best thing since button up shoes!!! So far we ar all in agreement on the drug companies drugs causing head aches and DP elevations so let us take what we want and if I briefly lose consciousness and fall that's on me. This is getting to be like WWII Germany or China where they kill you for watching porn.

I used Stiff Nights for the first and last time 2 ½ days ago. I did not notice any notable difference in the size or intensity of my erection as claimed by the manufacturer. One thing that I definitely noticed was how sick it made me. Initially it started off with a flushed feeling in my face and progressed to a headache and stomach upset both of which Iâm still experiencing 2 ½ days later. Needless to say my overnight stay with my girlfriend was ruined by the headache, upset stomach, cramps and frequent visits to the restroom. I definitely will never take Stiff Nights again and will tell all my friends to avoid it also.

My husband and I discovered Stiff Nights almost a year ago. We were totally skeptical at first, but after the first night of using it, we were totally convinced! This stuff really works...We jokingly call it Stiff Nights, Stiff Morning After, Stiff afternoon...We live an alternative lifestyle, and offer it to all ofthe people we meet. ;)
I honestly don't care what the FDA is saying...if someone takes medication then THEY alone are responsible for whatever else they consume and whatever effects it may cause on them...whether it be over the counter cough medicine or herbal sex-enhancer.

Give me a break! How can the FDA say that viagra is safe and then say that that Stiff Nights when both are using the so-called unsafe drug?!

Remember, the FDA is all about controlling the profits ... not controlling what is healthy or not for us!

Think about it ... how many drugs out there have been approved by the FDA that have had and continue to have serious side effects??? And now they are worried about this one silly erection pill?

it never really help me though ... thought it might help me to boost my sexual performance... but failed. what a waste of money...

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Well it does work, i took 1/2 the pill at first.
(empty'd it in wanter) kinda burns the throat but it did do as directed.
After about 45 minutes i took the rest of the pill and had a great night.
A couple days later i took the second pill with about 1/2 as much water, had a horrible headache after.
Granted i had one hell of a hardon... the headache sucked. If there was a 100% way to relieve the headache i would definatly take this pill on special occasions. but untill then i'l stick to allnautral nothing.
The headache was that bad.
But that's all that was bad about it.

By Satisfiedish C… (not verified) on 07 Feb 2010 #permalink

the pill does work. but the pharma companies see this as a threat. they are big money so they will prevail. they are themselves causing more death than anyone else with anti-biotics. the dr's are pushed this way. they are thiefs and murderers.

Has anyone tried the new version of Stiff nights? Are they still selling it, but reformulated? How can you tell the difference by the packaging. The old stuff was great!

The only reason the FDA has a problem with Stiff Nights is because it's chipping away at big pharmacy profits. Who are they to claim something is unsafe,watch the commercials for thier approved prescription drugs they all have possible side effects that are worse than what the drug is prescribed for and most have possible death as one of the side effects.How many of thier approved drugs have they since taken off the market due to too many deaths? I'd much rather make my own decisions as to what is safe then rely on anything they have to say.The only reason the FDA exists is to protect the BIG profits of BIG pharmacy they certianly aren't protecting any of us.This product works great and I'll continue to use it.For those who get a headache take some caffeine.comment for Pete I think you got counterfit pills because the current version of Stiff Nights works just fine.

By Michael Holm (not verified) on 11 Feb 2010 #permalink

Michael, I disagree with the statement you make about FDA's motivation. The FDA action on Stiff Nights and other erectile dysfunction supplement makers relates directly to them putting unapproved and undisclosed drugs into their supplement without warning users of the potential for adverse reactions that one would want to know if on certain blood pressure medications.

The FDA exists to regulate drugs based on the balance between benefits and risks. No one - from government regulators to academic medical researchers - claims that any drug is 100% safe and we as health consumers need to understand that.

My disclaimer is that my laboratory conducts research on BOTH prescription drugs AND dietary supplements.

I think we all know who doesnt get laid. All the people who think stiff nights is some evil drug don't have girl friends or wifes. It worked before the FDA banned the "secret ingredient". Don't worried though, another drug will pop up and the cat and mouse cycle will continue. Fuck the FDA, and let us all have better erections.

I was introduced to Stiff Nights by a g/f who was concerned about the shame I was feeling for occasional inability to stay hard during intimacy. She found it at a local adult novelty store and asked me to try it. I am 48 years old and have been exceptionally fortunate my whole life concerning the opposite sex. And when I began having intermittent bouts with keeping an erection, I was nearly devastasted! I took one dose of Stiff Nights and I was rock hard, on demand for several days. I was absolutely elated. I have been using this product for over a year, in fact I am an autoship customer directly from Stiff Nights, and I have never experienced any adverse effects. I have never been so pleased with a product in my entire life. Their claims are spot on, their warnings are clear and that is good enough for me. If you dont like it, dont use it. Simple Huh?

Oh, and Abel Pharmboy....... Just who do you work for? I'd be interested in knowing who signs your checks..........

Hi Ken,

A state university signs my checks. I've been studying pharmacology and natural products for 25 years and have always tried to maintain objectivity. My laboratory studies both complex dietary supplements and single agent drugs. If you read my blogposts over the last four years, you will know that I am equally critical of the pharmaceutical industry and the dietary supplement industry.

My complaint about Stiff Nights containing undisclosed prescription drugs is two-fold: the primary one is that this adulteration can be extremely dangerous for certain people on anti-hypertensive medicines. It's not a simple matter of, "if you don't like it, don't use it," for those people. Second is that it also infringes on another company's intellectual property in a manner that is dishonest and deceptive. I would criticize a drug company for doing the same with a dietary supplement.

I'm glad things are working for you, though, and I wish you good health.


Holy cruds, look at all the spam that popped up here. You'd think someone with a vested interest in selling a certain featured drug decided to comment under false names to defend/push his product.

Funny stuff. The gross irresponsibility (and overt heterosexism) is not so funny, however.

this is plain simple: nobody cares if your a genius in science or what have you ppl....it works for SOME people and for some it DOESNT! cigs kill more ppl everyday than this little pill, and Viagra is more side effects than actual benefit so why should this get bashed so hard? or doesnt anybody remember rize2.....it got bashed till it dissapear now its ubber shit. Things will never change.

sorry guys but my english isn't to god but por eso lo escribo en espanol espero que me entiendan yo use este producto por aproximadamente 4 meses solo usava 2 veces por semana [media capsula cada vez ] o sea 1 sola capsula por semana hasta que una vez que andava haciendo ejercicio mi corazon em peso a palpitar un poco rapido y despues mas rapido y mas rapido me empeso a doler la cabeza demasiado perdi la fuerza del cuerpo y no tenia nada de fuerza en mis piernas me recoste y todo mi cuerpo estava sudando pense en realidad que esta pastilla [sttiff nights] me matava nunca en mi vida me havia sentido tan mal por suerte me llevaron a emergencia y ahora despues de eso que paso aun siento mareos y me sumban los oidos y pierdo el equilibrio nunca en mi vida tomare de nuevo esta maldita capsula esto es verdad mi correo es suavetierno29@univision,com esto que me paso no se lo deseo a nadie alfreo

By arfredo vela (not verified) on 26 Feb 2010 #permalink

stiff nights needs a good lawyer because not all of us can afford to go to a doctor for ed to get treatment to be able to make love to your beloved. and it pisses me off that insurance won't cover treatment for ed because oh its a luxury to be able to make love to your wife! well lets cut their dicks off and see how they feel about not being able to make love to their wives. stiff nights made us able to make love it works and they have the warning label on the bottle about not taking it with nitrates and such. FDA LEAVE STIFF NIGHTS ALONE unless you can pass a law stating that medical insurance companies has to treat ed then.

By jean white (not verified) on 04 Apr 2010 #permalink

Stiff Nights is GREAT!!! I (as MANY Americans) hav NO Health Ins. (&) I was BAD sick for over a year. Stiff Nights did me (& my woman) a GREAT srvc!!! The big pharma co.'s are AFRAID of the competition (spineless crooks)!!! It's ALL about the $$$$$

I work for Impulsaria, the maker of Stiff Nights. This whole FDA thing started because someone out there is counterfeiting our product. The FDA went in and tested counterfeit Stiff Nights and did find the active ingredient for Viagra in the pills. Since the release of their statement back in November we have been in FULL cooperation with the FDA and have invited them into our lab to test our product. As of the end of March 2010 the FDA gave us a green light to start manufacturing Stiff Nights again, which we have done. The future of Stiff Nights will be determined by the end of May 2010 when the owner of my company and the FDA have their meeting.

Stiff Nights has been, and will remain 100% herbal. The counterfeiters have to put FDA regulated drugs into their product for it to work because they can't figure out our formula. There has been no reformulation of our product because we have ALWAYS been honest about what is in it and my boss refuses to reformulate because he stands behind his brand.

Ignorance such that stated above is what is giving Stiff Nights a bad name along with the counterfeiters. You may not like the name Stiff Nights, but there are plenty of people who can see past the name to the wonderful product that it is. Yes, thousands of people "fork over good money for a jar" of our product and continue to come back for more.

Anyone interested in more information or wanting to place an order is welcome to contact me at amanda.moore@stiffnights.com

I like to try your pill do you have a samp;e of it if so
how do I get it

By Harold Chestnut (not verified) on 25 May 2010 #permalink


By LARRY PARDON (not verified) on 07 Jun 2010 #permalink

I first used this product 1 week ago and it was amazing. It was at the suggestion of a local adult shop. I wish I had bought all they had left. If it did have a variant of a real drug,ok, it worked. It is a real unfortunate thing that this is no longer available. Here's hoping something shows up again.

By Scrambled (not verified) on 27 Jun 2010 #permalink

im a regular user of stiff nights and stay rock hard for hours. the women in my life are very satisfied and i have had no side effects. i give it a A+

I attempted to contact amanda.moore.com,my computer says it doesn't exist.If there is any way to order this product,I'm interested.

hey.....If the first portion of comments didn't come from the FDA , then I didn't pay attention! FUCK YOU sniveling assholes and your fucking ânot-so-subtleâ approach to making a bad situation worse. Pulling a WORKING PRODUCT from the shelves without -ANY PROOF- that it's ANY more dangerous than what doctors are passing out like toilet paper is not only irresponsible but also shows the true colors of the âamerican pharmaceutical companyâ you disgust me. A man should get what he pays for instead of chasing a false fantasy all the way to the poor house! Bottom line, if you want to crush hope so bad, go play for the Cleveland Browns!

Great responses concerning the pros and cons of using Stiff Nights.I tried the product for the first time last weekend. I had great results in about 25 to 30 minutes after consuming one tablet. No headaches,or ill effects at all. I have tried viagra and had crumby results. Cilas is a little better but for me the after effects of the Cilias left me pissed off that I wasted money on FDA approved stuff. I have tried other herbal supplements and am happy to spend my cash the way "I want" too and not have government watch dogs bark at me what I should consider safe.

I found that Stiff Nights has now stopped shipping to retailers and has ceased operations. I found a better product called XROCK It lasted me 3 days and I was stiff on demand! No headaches or any other side effects. I got a free sample from x-rockcalifornia.com. No credit card needed which is good cause I do not like the Auto-fill game.