Texans can't recognize a dog with mange

My favorite part of the report above on "Chupacabras in Texas?" is when the rancher comments that the "chupacabra" he shot was "acting just like a neighbor's dog." The reason is pretty simple. It was a neighbor's dog. It got mange and lost its hair. I think the term for a Texas rancher who can't recognize a dog is "all hat and no cattle."

Reporter Grant Stinchfield has just as little right to retain his job title. He concludes the report by insisting: "No one knows for sure if the mysterious creature is the mysterious chupacabra or not." Of course we do. Chupacabras don't exist, and the animals in question here are obviously dogs with mange (or maybe a coyote). If he talked to anyone who knows anything about animals or about chupacabra myths â a veterinarian, a dog-owner, a mammalogist, a member of North Texas Skeptics â he could have actually informed viewers, rather than just making himself look like a buffoon.

H/T Carrie Sager.


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"..making himself look like a buffoon."

What? Somebody saw an actual Buffoon? Has that been reported to the authorities!?!?!?? I KNEW they existed, but there was never any proof before.

A wise neighbor rancher once told me, "Never tell a man you shot his dog."

By Jim Thomerson (not verified) on 14 Jul 2010 #permalink

I can't believe people are so stupid as to have ever believed in chupacabras in the first place. I've always known it was just mange. There is actually a video on u tube of a dog in someones bathtub. It's alive and oviousley suffering. Very sad and distressing.