Thanksgiving blessings.

Great article by Nicolas Kristof in the NY Times.

He writes about the promise of biofortification for saving the lives of the poor and malnourished.

Children have been dying for lack of vitamin A, iron and zinc for thousands of generations. These new seeds may finally help end the scourge of starvation in this century, on our watch. And that's a special reason to give thanks.

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Oh, that was nice to see--thanks for that. I might have missed it otherwise due to the holiday drama here.

This was my favorite part:

And the European leftâs sad hostility to scientific tinkering with crops may slow acceptance of biofortification. If that hostility gains ground, it will be harder to save children from blindness and death.

It's nice to know Kristof's perspective on this. He's got quite a megaphone.

Thanks for that - in fact if you really think about this, while we are celebrating thanksgiving the less unfortunate in India and Africa haven't had a decent meal for days, maybe even weeks.

All the more reason for us to be thankful for, for all the things that we have and for being able to feed ourselves.

Our biggest problem after the holiday weekend is which calorie burning workouts to use to lose the extra pounds we've gained over the weekend.