African Grey Parrots Need Your Help!

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Hi everyone, thought I'd drop by and say hello and remind ScienceBlogs (as well as myself) that I do still exist beyond the lab, and have not yet degenerated into a shadowy specter capable only of writing up data in the bowels of the University of Michigan. I have gotten very pale though, so that may be debatable. Anyway, the thesis work is chugging along and I now have a defense planned for December (of 2008!!!!). I'm currently looking around at post doc positions for after that, but not before I take a good long breather to the tune of 4-5 months playing Wii. Oh, and I'm getting married next May. ;) Oh, but the time does fly!

What pulled me out of my academic stupor long enough to blog was a kind note from Cristiana Senni over at World Parrot Trust, who asked if I would bring some well-deserved attention to their "Save the Greys" initiative. In a nutshell, World Parrot Trust is aiding the rehabilitation of confiscated African Grey parrots in Cameroon, taken from poachers who illegally trap the parrots for sale and export. Wild caught parrots suffer horrible mortality rates from improper handling and shipping (about 50% die in transit). Add to this the fact that wild trapping of parrots contributes to the decline of endangered or protected species.


If you love parrots as I do, please take a moment to visit World Parrot Trust, and if you are feeling generous, give a buck or two towards conservation.

Ok, back to learning style sheets for Word 2007, so I can fit my thesis into UM's odd formatting guidelines....


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Thank you so much for taking the time to write about the Save the Greys Fund, it was very much appreciated.
And congratulations!

Thanks for information on the greys in the wild

By African grey o… (not verified) on 25 Jun 2008 #permalink

Why in the world are people still trapping wild animals to be sold as pets? Most of the people buying probably don't even have the time to domesticate them or hand-tame these parrots. Can people realize that they can adopt countless number of unwanted parrots (including these big birds) from bird rescues all over this country?