Anatomically-Correct Brain Cake!

i-884eb5fc5ab25b1446721361549e13dd-shelley icon.JPG Well folks, sorry I've been so AWOL around here lately. Lets just say there's been a lot of long hours in the basement with the confocal microscope, and I've also been in charge of organizing the U of M Neuroscience Spring Symposium, which is next week. I'm super-excited about the three visiting neuroscientists: Nicholas Gaiano, Ed Boyden, and David Sulzer. So, forgive my temporary absence...although I'm sure Steve is keeping everyone entertained.

Speaking of entertaining, I was emailed this awesome anatomically correct brain cake, recipe which I just had to share. Someone put a lot of love into photographing the entire process of creating something both nerdy and delicious-- even using chocolate chips to create an EEG grid.

i-793277ed0d9f4e29246f7e449f78ab4a-brain cake.jpg

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Why is the confocal ALWAYS located in the basement????

By DocBailey (not verified) on 18 Apr 2008 #permalink

More to the point, can you have your brain and eat it, too?
Ummm, cake. I meant cake. Must get that straight before I go back to work.

The Cake Is A Lie!

Pretty impressive.........the temporal lobe is a little small.....but better than anything I could ever do!

could i contract kuru or BSE from eating this cake?