Lost Parrot Gives Vet His Name and Address

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Hi folks. Before you all fall out of your chairs that I am, yes, in fact, blogging, just check out this gem of a story that lured me from the bowels of the UM medical complex. Apparently an African Grey parrot in Japan, a Mr. Yosuke Nakamura, recited his name and address to a vet after he was rescued from a rooftop. This turned out to be his actual address, and was promptly returned to his owners! I think this is a fantastic idea for any owner of a talking parrot, and I really commend the owners of Yosuke for caring enough to make sure the parrot had a surefire way to get home. I'm going to start teaching Pepper his address and name today!

I found it humorous that the bird decided to stay mum with the cops, but happily chatted with the vet. The story doesn't say, but I wonder if the vet was the same gender as the person he is bonded to, and therefore might feel more comfortable vocalizing to them.

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Hat tip darkman, karen, and the others who emailed this.


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Glad to see you peaking your head out again, especially to share bird stories. I like the Neuroscience too, but it is really the birds that makes me check regularly. I'm just shallow that way. =)

The gender of the vet v police does sound plausible. Our parrot Cleo (who is bonded to my girlfriend) definitely responds better to women than men. She is the parrot that doesn't much like me, something about stealing her mate.

Parrots can key on any number of things. I have a friend who had a parrot who racial preferences. It was kind of embarrassing for them, as the parrot especially didn't like black women. The most likely reason was that their vet was a black woman and the parrot didn't much like the examination process.

Before you all fall out of your chairs that I am, yes, in fact, blogging...

Does running naked down the street screaming "she's blogging! she's blogging!" count?

Well, Ok, so it was the parrot that did that ...