The Festival Recognizes Our First "Featured Fan"!

The 2012 Festival will be here in April and we thought it would be special to honor some of the people that make the Festival happen: our fans. The Festival would not be possible without the help of our partners, sponsors and exhibitors; however our fans play a huge impact in the success of the Festival.

Leading up to the Festival, we have decided to implement a "Featured Fan" segment. Our first Featured Fan is Dr. Jessica Carilli. Jessica shares her insight into her passion: science and her excitement for the Festival below. Enjoy!

i-0e4bd5a51a2d04e0bb478ba1a68d3a68-Jessica.jpg Dr. Jessica Carilli happy at work

I'm a big fan of science outreach, and am always looking for ideas to improve my own outreach by seeing presentations and exhibits from other scientists. I also like to learn about totally different realms of science from what I study, so many of the Meet the Scientist talks would appeal to me. For those reasons I'd also enjoy seeing presentations such as the various science comedians, and the Eat a Bug and the Women in Science presentations. As a new parent and scientist, presentations such as Babies and Sound and Geek Dad also caught my eye.

In addition, I think it's important to spread ideas on what normal people can do to prevent global climate change, and for those reasons I'd really like to visit the exhibits relating to "Preventing Global Warming," "Making Agriculture More "Green"," and "Solar Energy."

Finally, I'm an aspiring science writer, working on a book about my experience earning a PhD in marine science. I'd love to meet some of the authors at the Festival, especially those who've written books about Stories in Science and Discovery in Science.

Corals and Climate Change in the Marshall Islands from Jessica Carilli on Vimeo.

If you would like to be considered as a Featured Fan then please send an email to:

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