Meet the Next 5 of the Kavli Science Video Contest Top 20 Finalists - Now Who will Win the "People's Choice" Vote?

The Kavli Science Video Contest has wrapped up with over 260 entries! Now it's time for the People's Choice Vote, in advance of the awards ceremony on April 29, in Washington, DC, as part of the USA Science & Engineering Festival. People's Choice Voting begins April 2 and closes April 13. Voting is easy, just view the videos on YouTube and click 'like" for your favorites. Click here to view the videos.

We will be highlighting the Top 20 Finalists on our blog for the next two weeks. In today's blog get to know the next five of the Top 20 Finalists:


Entrants: The "Black Gold Miners"- Nikhil Srinivasan,13 Akshay Karthik,13 Aidan Pavao,14, Akash Purohit,14
Entry: How Composting Can Save the World
The Black Gold Miners.jpg
Where do you go to school? R.J. Grey Junior High School. Acton, MA.
What are your favorite subjects? Science & French (Nikhil) Math, Science, Spanish (Akshay)
Science, Math & Social Studies(Akash) Science & French (Aidan)
Can you tell us what inspired you to make this video?
We produce lots of food scraps and other compostable waste that is dumped in landfills and produces methane, polluting the atmosphere. Living in a world where our generation might have to deal with extensive pollution and lack of resources is a daunting task. To help myself and other kids of my generation, I want to help lower how much trash we end up burning or placing in landfills. I am a strong believer in trying to make Earth a more environmentally- friendly place; a place void of pollution and other hazardous conditions. I feel that if every person does a little bit to help, we can reach zero-waste and ultimately drastically reduce greenhouse gas emissions/ pollution. Composting is a great way to reduce trash, thereby lowering methane production in landfills, and it's very beneficial to gardeners and farmers!
What do you want to study in college? Neuroscience (Nikhil) Math, Chemistry, Oncology (Akshay)
Astronomy or Engineering or Biology (Akash) Biology (Aidan)
What kind of career do you want to pursue? Medical science with a focus on neuroscience research (Nikhil) Medicinal, Chemist (Akshay) A science career which relates to the environment or space (Akash) Biofuel and other alternative energy resources. I hope that biofuel and solar will replace coal and oil during my lifetime! (Aidan)

Entrants: Matt Koutsoutis,15, Queenie Luo, 15, Ananya Joshi,14
Entry: "Innovating Cities"
Innovating Cities.jpg
Where do you go to school? High Technology High School, Ocean, NJ
What are your favorite subjects? Math (Matt), Language Arts (Queenie), Biology (Ananya)
Can you tell us what inspired you to make this video? A few years ago, we read an article on the green city of Tianjin, so we thought about creating a green city. In software applications class, we just learned how to use Adobe Flash, so we decided to use it for the video.
What do you want to study in college? Mathematics (Matt), Business (Queenie) Biochemical Engineering (Ananya)
Which colleges? Princeton(Matt), Yale (Queenie), MIT (Ananya)
What kind of career do you want to pursue? Math professor (Matt), Entrepreneur ( Queenie), Biochemical Engineer (Ananya)

Entrant: Julia Kudryashev, 16
Entry: "Bioprinting"
i-ab278a9a46b1e558469a7d439e6df490-PastedGraphic-2 (252x300).jpg
Where do you go to school? Dulaney High School in Timonium, MD
What are your favorite subjects? Engineering, Science, and Math,
Can you tell us what inspired you to make this video? Earlier this year I read an article about the first successful transplant of a printed lower jaw, and this got me thinking about the relationship between the 3D printer and the world of medicine. Fascinated by this emerging field, I began to do some research and in the process discovered the world of bioprinting. The concept of printing live cells in 3D structures was amazing enough that I felt I should enter a video about it..
What do you want to study in college? I plan on majoring in engineering, though as of yet I'm undecided on the specific field.
Which college(s)? UC Berkeley, Caltech, or Johns Hopkins
What kind of career do you want to pursue?
I absolutely love to build things, particularly those that are robotic in nature, so any job in which I would be able to design and create something new would be ideal. My dream job would be to work for NASA so that I can help engineer robots to send into space!

Entrant: Rocky DeHart, 17
Entry: " The Electric Rail System"
Rocky DeHart.jpg
Where do you go to school? Pathways to Technology Magnet School, Windsor, CT
What are your favorite subjects? Pre-Calculus, Biology AP, and Programming.
Can you tell us what inspired you to make this video? Every time I drive somewhere, I realize how easy it would be for me to get in a car crash. Someone would simply have to take a sharp turn into
oncoming traffic and I would be done. So out of curiosity I looked up how often crashes do happen, and my results were devastating. Thousands of people are killed each year from crashes. So I tried to design a new transportation system that would make crashes impossible, at first i was only thinking about safety, but my idea kept growing and growing, and eventually I came up with the most convenient way of travel, The Electric Rail System.
What do you want to study in college? I would like to study Software and Hardware Logic.
I would also like to minor in Film Production (screenwriting).
What kind of career(s) do you want to pursue? Either a Developer for new groundbreaking hardware or
a Screenwriter for the next generation of movies, or both if I'm lucky!

Entrants: Isaiah Cabanero, 16, Shanna Losanes,16, Bea Nufuar,16, Phoebe Subo,16
Advisor: Mr. Angelo Ovido
Entry: Listen
Where do you go to school? Philippine Science High School, Iloilo, Central Philippines
What are your favorite subjects? Physics (Isaiah), Chemistry (Shanna),Robotics( Bea), Biochemistry (Phoebe)
Can you tell us what inspired you to make this video? Well, the moment Mr. Olvido told us about the video contest we definitely all got excited actually! We can say that we mostly got inspired to even do better in making this video because of the situation of the Earth here in our country, the Philippines. Well, we know that we are rich in natural resources but it's just sad how most of these blessings for us are not well-taken care of or well-loved. And problems occur, and science and engineering are very helpful definitely today to help solve these problems. We know that we all want to make our own step in making this world a better place. And I think this was one thing we thought we could do our part in saving the world (in our own little way as teenagers of this time) to make it a better place for all of us.
What do you want to study in college? - Civil Engineering (Isaiah), Management of Applied Chemistry (Shanna), BS Biology, (Bea and Phoebe )
Which colleges? University of the Philippines - Diliman ( Isaiah), Ateneo de Manila University (Shanna), West Visayas State University (Bea and Phoebe)
What kind of career(s) do you want to pursue?

Thank you to all of the entries for the 2012 Kavli Foundation "Save the World Through Science & Engineering" Video Contest!!


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