Having a daughter in my late 30's, I began my fatherhood journey a bit later than many. I don't have much to compare it with, but I do wonder how I'm going to keep up with the little princess. Mrs. Pal got us a Trail-a-Bike for Father's day---that's one of those "half bikes" you hook up to your own, effectively creating a tandem bike. PalKid can hold on and peddle if she feels like it. That's a serious workout. When we were up north, I dragged her everywhere (and vice versa) and she dropped off too sleep nice and early every evening (which I wish I could have done, but 7:30 is pretty weak for a grown up).

Yeah, for now, I'm still physically her better (aesthetically, not so much), but I know she'll pass me pretty soon, and it'll be me whining about climbing up the hill to the cabin.

But I'll never ask her for "uppie".


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After a week of fine weather, the first weekend of spring was forecast to be cold, rainy, and snowy. I love it when they're wrong. I would love to be able to sleep in, but if I can't sleep in, I don't mind the sound of tiny footsteps. After whipping up a batch of heart-shaped Daddy pancakes, the…
I visited a physician this week as a patient. The details of the meeting are in the TMI category, but the long a short of it was he gave me advice that the altmed folks wouldn't believe. Surrounded by the most advanced diagnostic technology, armed with a nearly infinite pharmacopoeia, he made a…
Mrs. Pal registered the kiddo for kindergarten this week. What a kick in the gut. The first time she went to a pre-school class without us, I cried, so what's going to happen when she gets on the bus? The other day we were watching TV, and she said, "You know that Jonas brother with the straight…
I woke up early this morning. Rather than run out the door to the office, I showered, started some coffee, walked upstairs, and sat down on the bed next to my daughter. She turned, grunted, and said, "Too early!" I sat for a while and watched her drift in and out of sleep. "Daddy, it's too…

I'm 56. My youngest just graduated from high school. Whew!

My mom had me when she was 41 and raised me by herself. I feel a bit responsible for her gray hairs.... Granted, once she got me a computer I didn't run her quite so ragged. Just wait maybe until she's 10 or so to install DOOM. That game gave me nigtmares!

You need to get a fullscale tandem. Then she can help you get up the hills! I think my mom had me just so she could train her own stoker from a young age.

Don't be silly! My father was way older than you are: I never noticed. *He* was the one with the plans to ski,skate,swim,visit museums,walk around various cities all day,or take trips to interesting places all over the US.If he got tired,he sure hid it well from me.More importantly, he was not stuck in a time-warp:he kept up with the times, especially culturally, politically,and (of course) Market-wise.

By Denice Walter (not verified) on 21 Jul 2009 #permalink

I was a happy bachelor at 40, now I hope my kids are our of college by the time I'm 65. Wouldn't miss them for the world so.

Hmm. I am 48 with a now 10 year old son. I did not get married until I was 33 and debt free. It is allot better then people who have kids way to young. I think ones 20s are best doing the stuff that most people dream of when they retire, but then do not have the health to actually do them or have become to old and comfortable. On the other hand, I am getting to old to do the sport stuff and father in is 20s or 30s may do.

My brother and I were just talking about how Dad was seeming to slow down some in the last few years. Of course, he's in his early 60s, so that can be expected. It's still disconcerting, though.

When your daughter peddles, how much does she get for her merchandise? And is she still pedaling when she sells stuff?

Seriously, I wish they'd had those half bikes when my daughters had been younger. I once saw a couple on a tandem, with one of those attached; with a bike trailer behind that! They looked like a freight train.

By Chas, PE SE (not verified) on 25 Jul 2009 #permalink

we miss that cute little tush. when do we get to see it again?
(btw...im referring to HER cute little tush...not yours!)