Donors Choose: kids need us, with or without cheap theatrics

Update: you guys finished funding one of the projects below, which is incredibly generous.  I'm a big fan of micro-donations, so feel free to kick a buck or two into another project! --PalMD

OK, you guys have been great. We've funded eight projects in needy Michigan schools, reaching 630 kids---and many of the projects are multi-year so even more kids will be reached.

But from a strictly selfish viewpoint, I want more. One of my favorite bloggy friends, Dr. Isis, has brought out the big guns. She is offering to much public self-humiliation to encourage extra giving. I've got nothing on that. My own writing humiliates me daily, and my picture is right up there on the left sidebar.

Thank you to all of you who have given in the first half of this month-long campaign. Whichever project you fund, whatever blog you donate through, your money is going for a good cause.

But I still hate to see my home state continue to circle the drain. Michigan classrooms are begging. Even wealthy districts are reaching out (not in this campaign) to parents to have them purchase school supplies. All I'm asking is a couple of bucks for needy schools in Michigan. I can afford to buy glue sticks for my daughter's school. The DonorsChoose kids can't even afford to buy lunch.

So here's a list of the programs currently on my list, and how much is left to fund them. If you can give a dollar or more, great. If you can't, tweet it, facebook it, get the word out. Don't give until it hurts. Just give what you can, be it money or a keystroke. (It also couldn't hurt to show Isis that while we love her, cheap stunts aren't gonna do it. Heh heh heh).

It's actually not unreasonable to think that we can fund every one of these projects by the end of the month. I've already given over some bloggy funds, but I'll see what else I can dig up.  I'm bothering some doctor friends, so we'll see what those rich fat cats of the medical industrial complex can cough up (/snark).
Let's go for it!

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Can we at lest have a picture of you with your shirt off? :)

I'm supposed to prevent and heal illness, not create it.

After seeing Isis' threat of what she'll do if we don't fund you, I'm in -- you get the money.

By D. C. Sessions (not verified) on 15 Oct 2009 #permalink