Sunday morning goodies

I woke up way too early---my damned sinuses. After a good lavage I managed to fall back asleep until a little warm body curled up next to me and used one of its appendages to turn on the TV. That's when I realized how hungry I was. I left the kiddo to her shows and poked around the kitchen.

I ran out of waffle mix, so I googled up a recipe and whipped up some batter. Then I put up my coffee. As a bonus, I found a pound of bacon in the fridge, so I put up some of that as well.

A short time later, the house smelled like breakfast. While MrsPal slept in, PalKid and I enjoyed a breakfast of waffles, real U.P. maple syrup, Peet's coffee (water for her) and good company.

I need more mornings like this one.


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Gah! You have real U.P. Maple Syrup. I'm jealous! I have a small amount of Vermont real maple syrup left, and my roommates keep bogarting it because it's better than the fake "maple flavored" syrup they always buy!

I got the "dark" grade---the light amber is fancier, but i like the earthier taste of the darker ones.

Glad you are enjoying it. Kids grow up too soon!

Sounds like an ideal start to any day.

I need more mornings like this one.

I need you to drive down to Illinois and make me breakfast!

Dr. Pal: Please tell us where you get this genuine U.P. maple syrup. I make belgian waffles, which HAVE to have the real stuff.

This being michigan, chances are that's what you get at the market. At costco sometimes it's new england, but at the regular supermarkets it's often the UP stuff, sometimes lower peninsula but not as often.

A lovely post, PalMD! Sometimes we need to hear things like that to remind us that there is so much good out there, and it's not all bad news. I guess "Dad and daughter have quality time together" doesn't make the headlines too often. Thanks.

Re: maple syrup. heh. Eat your hearts' out. Up here in small town northern Ontario, it seems half the people make their own syrup (including me) on any given year and it is often being exchanged for services (shoveling snow) or given out as gifts. Pretty hard not to find maple syrup in our fridges.

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