Epistle from an Undisclosed Vacation

I never thought it would happen, but here we are. I can smell the ocean, hear the wind in the coconut palms. My arms are leaden from swimming, my shoulders reddened by the sun.

A little while ago, I was body surfing. When you catch a wave---really catch it---you are weightless, and it is magnificent. But even the missed waves have their surprises. A large breaker sneaked up behind me, brown with sand, capped with white, and tried to take me. It could have---if the ocean wants someone, it will take them. But it didn't, and after it passed, it left a pool of calm. Out of this pool leaped dozens of small slips of gold, making a snapping sound as they broke the water. The sounds of the wave and the fish covered everything else, and suddenly I felt them---innumerable pops on my legs and trunk as the shoal passed.

I think I'm going to like it here.

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Snow is forecast later in the week here in Geographic Isolation. Your post borders on erotic. Oh to feel the warmth of the sun on my skin! Warmth... Sun... Outside... Waves.... Warmth.....

If PalKid is with a trusted relative and you and your wife escaped alone, I might begin to weep.

Nope, it's a three-fer. She's too full of hilariosity to leave behind.

Caribbean or Hawai'i?

It would be a total kick to travel with our six-year-old. However, the Tiniest Anthropologist is at that exploratory age where her desire to render extreme harm to herself nearly outpaces my ability to keep up. Fortunately she's also at the pinnacle of cuteness.

I have been engulfed, flipped around and completely disoriented while body surfing. Love it. Have a wonderful time with your family.

I, too, have been engulfed, flipped around and completely disoriented while body surfing. Also been smashed to the bottom, abraded against sand and rocks and sent a quarter mile out in a rip tide.
Try to avoid the last part and enjoy the sun.

Have fun, ya lucky bum !